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Birthday weekend recap,a Rosemary raspberry gin fizz,and Anthropologie fashion show

I wanted to share a little birthday weekend recap with you, a Rosemary raspberry gin fizz recipe, and thank everyone for the birthday wishes. When you are having a birthday you are not to sure about (45 this year), it helps to have lots of people say really nice things and a few drinks!!!

45 is a weird year for me,because to be honest, I never thought I would get here. Not that I was going to die or something, I just couldn’t imagine it. When my mom turned 45, she had a 24 year old daughter. I have young teens. And I don’t feel what I thought 45 was going to be like in my head. To be honest, when I was young, a 45 year old… looked old. We have an old picture of an aunt who was about 46-50 and I swear I thought she was 70. I mean, gray hair with a bun, black, comfy shoes, a baggy, frumpy dress, and a freaking APRON. I couldn’t believe she was only 50! I think people used to act and dress much older.  It reminds me of this funny magazine ad I found from the 1970’s where 38 was the end of the line. Now, we are living so much longer and in better shape, most of my 45-50 year old friends go to the gym,dress in leggings, and look 10 years younger. We all look so young in comparison! I mean, my body hurts, don’t get me wrong. And, there’s nothing like going through “changes” when your daughters are also going through “changes”. It can be a little turbulent sometimes, but I’m not ready to throw on a bun and apron just yet.

This is 45.

I dream I am about 27 in my head, but after all the garage cleaning, and yard clean up I did this weekend, my body is telling me, Ha ha! Get the Advil, dreamer.

Outside of the physical stuff I did this weekend, I made sure to get some fun stuff in the schedule just for me, like a fashion show at Anthropologie on Saturday with a friend. It was free (OK, except for the stuff I bought, but that doesn’t count, it was birthday money! Ha ha!)!  Sweet Hubby picked up a bakery birthday cake for me, and arranged to pick me up after the fashion show so I could have a few drinks, and we could go to dinner right away. I snapped a few quick pictures of the store with my cell to share. I was so busy watching the show, I totally forgot to take pictures during it! I managed a picture at the end of the final walk.

Anthro bedroom display

Anthropologie in store display

Anthropologie fashion show 2017

This was the fashion show backdrop.

Anthro fashion show food

They had some lovely snacks from Whole foods and water, sangria, and gelato bites!

Anthro fashion show 2017 food

Anthropologie fashion show walk 2017

On Sunday, we cleaned up the yard after a winter of yuck, hubby smoked a pork shoulder, and at the end of the day, I treated myself to a  Rosemary Raspberry gin fizz, and a Country Living UK on our back deck in the 70 degree weather!

Cheers to gin and raspberry with a birthday weekend recap and an easy drink!

The recipe is below. It’s  so easy and so yummy! And of course, always drink responsibly! I love Rosemary, it’s one of my favorite herbs after lavender.

Rosemary raspberry gin fizz recipe for a great summer drink

First, make your Rosemary simple syrup for your Rosemary raspberry gin fizz. It can even got in the fridge for a few days, so it waiting for you (wink). For one batch, I cheat by boiling 1/2 cup of water, and add  to 1/2 cup of sugar, stirring until dissolved. Add 2-3 springs of fresh, crushed Rosemary and let steep. The longer you leave the Rosemary in, the stronger the flavor. I love it strong, but sometimes it’s too much for other people. If you don’t like Rosemary, feel free to use regular simple syrup.

In a short cocktail glass full of ice add: 1 oz Gin, 1 oz raspberry liqueur, 2 TBSP Rosemary Simple syrup, and top off with San Pellegrino or another sparkling water. Stir and enjoy!

I use  San Pellegrino, because I don’t really like tonic water. You can also bump up the raspberry factor by using raspberry-flavored sparkling water. Or, make it sweeter, or less, by adjusting the simple syrup.

So,I have to end this Birthday weekend recap by saying it was a pretty good weekend with the show,my family, and the Rosemary raspberry gin fizz! I had a great birthday dinner with my family, and got a lot done. So here’s hoping the rest of 45 goes just as smoothly!!


  1. I recall you loving the British CL + think of you when I see it at the B+N store. Have you ever seen their specialty mag, Rustic Modern? I saw it in Bolingbrook + wish I”d bought it. Anyway, sounds like a very happy b’day! I am 20 years older than you! WHAT!?

  2. You are just adorable! Don’t look a day over 29 🙂 Sounds like a great birthday. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Perfect as we head into warm weather.

  3. Jen, it has been a while! Happy birthday! I turn 48 this year so I hear ya and also my lower back still hurts from weeding away the remains of winter this past weekend too! By the way my sister made the craft you did when we had you at the library for her girlfriends for Christmas and they turned out great! Talk to you soon!

  4. I’m going to be 69 in August and still feel 45! I wear leggings, I play pickle ball, I live on a 13 acre hobby farm that I care for by myself. Most of my “senior” friends still act and feel younger. You will be amazed that the older you get, the better you feel and once you hit the retirement stage, it’s the best part of your life! Happy Birthday!

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