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Trending Paint Colors in 2021

One of the most frequent questions I get in some form when helping my clients choose paint colors for their home is “What are Trending Paint Colors in 2021?”. They ask that right after they want to know if gray is still on-trend.

Artsy and moody interior living room redesign

While I can tell you that gray has definitely had it’s hey-day, I don’t think it will ever completely go out of style. We are seeing dark gray and black walls as a current trend, and one, gray/grey  and even the popular griege is such a great neutral, that it still works in lots of places. Two, lots of people still love gray and have decor like rugs and couches that still work well with it.So what are the paint color trends emerging in 2021?

Trending Paint Colors of 2021

Black Paint

Benjamin Moore Universal Black Wall Paint color 2118-10 in a bohl living room with a plant wall

One of the first paint colors that seems like it wouldn’t even be a paint color trend is Black. Yes, black paint. You would think that it would make a room feel like a cave, when actually having black paint against white trim really makes it pop, feel dramatic and cozy. The truth is black has always been a great anchor and I think every room always needs a touch of black somewhere. If you are looking for a good, solid black paint color, try Benjamin Moore Universal Black 2118-10, Jet Black 2120-10, and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW-6258.

To see how else black paint is used beautifully, see Homemade by Carmona.

Dark Green


Dark green painted wall color Dark River Benjamin moore

From cabinets to accent walls, dark green has been a calming restful color in the chaos of this year. I ended painting my own lower cabinets a deep dark green, and it’s showing up in furniture and decor. If you are looking for a cozy dark green, try Studio Green by Farrow and Ball, Dark River by Benjamin Moore, and SW Jasper 6216

And if you want to see more dark green cabinets, check out this post by Jenna Sue Designs and Just Destiny.

Earthy and Muddy Clay Desert Colors

After years of white and gray, color is making a comeback. Trending colors such as what I call earthy  and muddy clay and desert colors. I love how fresh these desert colors feel.  Chris Loves Julia recently painted a room in this deep, clay color, and I love how Kindred Vintage painted her fireplace and bathroom in this warm, dusty, mauvey pink. I painted chairs a few years ago in a similar color, and they added a nice pop.

Kindred Vintage Fireplace in dusty earth colors


If you lived these earthy, desert tones, try  Canyon Clay SW 6054 , Fading Twilight Benjamin Moore, and Farrow and Ball Sulking Room Pink.

What do you think about the direction paint colors are going in with these trending paint colors for 2021? I would love to know!




  1. Wow, fabulous! I love this post, because I am preparing to paint ‘over the headboard’ of our bedroom wall, black. I am excited about this. Your post helps me to feel even more excited about this. Thanks for sharing

  2. Grays will, I feel, always be popular, but maybe not as much as the last ten years or so.
    The Earthy colors are lovely when they don’t lean too far over to the peachy tint. The darker colors puzzle me for larger wall spaces. On feature walls, a dark color can be dramatic and give off a safety comfort vibe. Palest blue, Burnt sienna, a deep rich mustard yellow (not picking up a greenish tint) are colors I lean towards in 2021.

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