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Succulent and Cactus Decorating Ideas

The popularity of succulents are at an all time high. They are easy to care for (Once you figure it out!), and whether they are real or faux, these succulent and cactus decorating ideas are sure to add fun into your decor.

Personally, sometimes I have found dealing with the faux ones are a little easier for me than the live ones. It’s taken me a really long time to learn how not to over water them. I’ve recently been learning how to propagate succulents, and hope I can master it! While it is fun to see all of the little babies take root and start new plants, but it’s a challenge! Luckily,  the faux ones look just as good as the real ones do!

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Easy cactus and succulent garden

If you love the idea of live succulents or cactus, this easy planter is a great way to make a mini-landscape!

Kitchen sink with gray painted window and brass towel bar under sink. What a great use of the fake drawer under the sink.

Brighten up your windowsill with this trough-style faux succulent planter.

Fun appetizer idea with veggies!

This succulent-inspired veggie tray with dips is a fun way to bring a botanical feel into your next event or holiday.

Make these DIY succulent shadow boxes with gold leaf and succulent and cactus decorating ideas #succulents

Use shadow boxes as a fun display idea for your faux and real succulents.

Make a DIY mini succulent planter with faux succulents

Build your own faux succulent and air plant block planter with clay for an accent in your decor.

DIY chicken feeder succulent planted

A chicken feeder has a second life as a planter with a fun twist on farmhouse decor for succulent and cactus decorating ideas.

Succulents glued on a free summer printable

Faux succulents can also be used as a pretty accent piece to a wall hanging or art work.

Orange lilies used in styling a spring and Easter mantel with succulent and cactus decorating ideas

Faux succulents also make a pretty accent in your spring and Easter decor.

Piping out cactus cake toppers for cupcakes

Cactus cake toppers are a fun way to dress up dessert.

Painting faux succulents with matte metallic paint

When you get tired of regular, old faux succulents, painting them in matte metallic paint is a great way to freshen them up!

Plant Mama mug and tshirt by Jennifer Rizzo Design Company

And for the Plant Mama, there’s always a mug or t-shirt!

I hope you enjoyed these succulent and cactus decorating ideas!

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Creatiive cactus and succulent ideas. Use these ideas for a party, in your home decor and more!



  1. I love the windowsill decoration. It looks more bright and colourful during daylight and takes up only some space. It is space efficient too 🙂

    Varsha XX

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