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Vintage Twine-Wrapped Lamp Shades

I had lots and lots of questions on Instagram about my new twine wrapped lamp shades hanging ceiling installation chandelier at Warehouse 55 in my little shop on the second floor. I am so happy with how good they look and easy they were to make. You can see them in my space in the post below, they really add to the fun feel. Vintage Twine-Wrapped Lamp Shades have a great boho feel, I love how they look in the space! This is the ladder top -own view.

Vintage steel lampshades in twine

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These are all large, different shape vintage lampshades wrapped in twine. You can find the twine here. I love the boho vibe they add my space and look with my abstract art work.

Vintage lampshades repurposed into boho shades

To do this project, you want to find old lamp shades that have metal framing in them, newer shades probably won’t work. It basically involves a little time and a lot of twine after removing the old fabric. It seems like you’re wrapping forever. I made mine in the evening while we sat down to watch part of the Marvel Comic Universe.

Hanging vintage lampshades wrapped in twine


By the way, if you ever want to drive my daughter to distraction watch them out of order. LOL. It makes her crazy. And can you die from someone telling you the entire back story to every character in the Marvel comic universe? Because it certainly feels like you can.

Vintage Twine-Wrapped Lamp Shades, Wrap a vintage lampshade in twine to update

Just tie a knot at the base leaving a tail, and start wrapping over and under around the shade until you reach the other side. Then tie your twine to the tail you left.

Vintage steel lampshades in twine

To hang them, I used a thick rope that I made huge knot in the end, and they hang through the lampshade holes. They aren’t very heavy at all.

View of vintage lampshades wrapped in twine

These Vintage Twine-Wrapped Lamp Shades makes such a fun visual statement, and for all three it was under $15, and my lampshades from the thrift store were huge. I had a customer come in while I was installing them and she thought they would be perfect in a sun room where you didn’t have electricity as a statement. I loved that idea!

Jennifer RIzzo at Warehouse 55

Let me know if you have any questions below, I’m happy to answer them!

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