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Welcome to day 5-2016 holiday housewalk

I cna’t believe it’s the last day of the walk! Welcome to day 5-2016 holiday housewalk! I am so happy, it’s been such a great week of beautiful homes, but I am so sad it’s over! An I just want to say a special “thank you” to our sponsor Wayfair.

Jennifer Rizzo's 2016 Holiday housewalk

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Today we start with the amazingly warm and welcoming  home of:



Christmas vignette at StoneGable

StoneGable Christmas tree

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbiamy-uncommon-slice-of-suburbis-housewalk-button-blank

Christmas in the kitchen my uncommon slice of suburbia

Christmas in the dining room my uncommon slice of suburbia

The Golden Sycamorethe-golden-sycamore-housewalk-button-blank

Christmas bedroom Golden Sycamore

Golden Sycamore Christmas living room

Golden boys and me


Golden boys and me mudroom

Golden boys and me kitchen

The Shabby Nestthe-shabby-nest-housewalk-button-blank

The shabby nest pretty flocked tree

The shabby nest cute cookie jar

Rusty Hingerusty-hinge-housewalk-button-blank

rusty hinge armoire

Rusty hinge vintage lockers

Kindred Vintage  & Co.


Kindred vintage and co holiday mantel

I hope you loved  sharing this week with us! Thank you so much for joining us! You can start the whole tour over from here.

Make sure you join us on Monday for the housewalk linky party, where you can also have a chance to be in next years housewalk!!

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DAy 5 Jennifer Rizzo holiday housewalk 2016

This was a sponsored post and home tour, but opinions are all my own.


  1. Thanks again for the amazing week of bloggers showcasing their homes. I know it takes a ton of behind the scenes coordinating and tons of time to put this together. I know I could actually learn a great deal from all your blogging experience.

  2. Jennifer,

    The Holiday Housewalk is something I look forward to every year – the homes are just beautiful and such a source of inspiration for so many of us. Thank you so much for putting this together every year.

    I do have a question, and I mean it with all sincerity – I am curious about some of the trends that I see on several blogs and I wonder where it all begins. In this case, I am specifically referring to the way so many bloggers are displaying Christmas stockings this year – many of them are identical, i.e. the stockings are all white/ivory/cream and constructed of varying textures that include yarn/knit/faux fir/pom-poms, etc. The stockings are hung to one side, and often (not always) are hung from a branch that is suspended from the mantel. Was this something that was suggested from the folks at Wayfair? Did someone decide to do it and then everyone else followed suit? I am just curious. It reminds me of the red & black buffalo plaid that was absolutely everywhere last year. I figured then that it was just because of Pottery Barn, but this is something very distinctive and I am just wondering where it began and how it is that so many bloggers followed suit.

    Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks for what was a really fun week of home tours!

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thank you!I think it’s just the way people are doing it this year. I do notice things tend ot come and go in trends,and even the way we display things in our homes. Its probably just a coincidence, but a funny one. You have a good eye! I hadn’t even noticed myself!

      1. Jennifer, thanks for the reply! Apparently my eye is not that good – after hearing from you, I went back and happily perused everyone’s home tours again and to my embarrassment, only saw 2 or 3 mantels done in the manner I described. I guess I found them to be so striking that my brain translated the few that caught my eye into “everybody’s doing it.”

        BTW, I love your Christmas tree this year!

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