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Wood Slice Accent Tray

A wood slice accent tray is a pretty way to add a rustic touch to your fall table and fun to put together!

DIY wood slice accent tray

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The summer has gone by so fast! I can’t believe we are already approaching  Fall! This is an easy project, especially if you like puzzles. It’s kind of fun trying to fit all of the wood slices in together, but that’s what gives this tray made with wood slices it’s organic quality.Supplies for a Fall wood slice accent tray

To make the wood tray you’ll need a pre-made unfinished wood sign,craft wood slices (1 bag large, 4 bags small) ,white craft glue,acrylic paint of chocie, and craft accent rope.

Painted wood tray

To create the base of the tray, I actually used a wood sign instead of a traditional trays. I liked how much thinner they were for a table center piece. I just removed the hanger from the back so it set flat. I painted the edges of the tray with acrylic paint  gave it  a more aged look. Once that was dry,let the wood slice puzzle making begin.

Place wood slices for a fall accent tray

To create your woods lice tray,  place the larger slices first with three centered down the middle. Fit the smaller ones around the outside of those to fill it in.

Wood slices for crafting

I found having multiple bags of the smaller wood slices  are a good idea, so you have enough wood-size variation ( I have another fun decorating project for you  here to use up some of the larger left overs.). This is where using white craft glue is important instead of hot glue. White craft glue takes much longer to dry, which is a good thing in case you need to shuffle or slide a few pieces around a bit.

Fall wood slice accent tray

Once you have every round in place, glue your rope around the edge of the Fall wood slice accent tray,and let everything dry.

Wood slice accent tray with fall decor

The craft store had these super cute mason jar glass owls .Finally, I pulled some of the leaves off and layered them between the two wood pieces to add color.

Fall wood slice accent tray with rope trim

Battery operated candles directly on the Fall wood slice accent tray and styled the glass jars around the edges looked pretty too.

Fall decor with wood slices and Fall accent decor

In the Fall decor aisle, there were some colorful pumpkins and a pretty copper lantern I added to my display. Since Fall and winter decor is kind of my jam, I loved styling this bench with rain boots and leaves.

Fall decor and copper lanterns

A few faux leaves really bring color to the table setting.

Wood slice accent tray with fall decor

To shop this post, find faux leaves here, and battery operated candles here.

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