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Vintage Cottage Floral Curtains

I bought some beautiful vintage curtains when I was at Farm Chicks, and I knew they would be perfect for my bedroom in a bit of a mini-refresh. The vintage cottage floral curtains were the best touch for that light and airy feel I was going for. From years of use, the fabric also had that perfect faded and washed quality to them.

Cottage floral bedroom with vintage drapes and a white caned headboard against a blue gray wall

The colors were a perfect match to go with the blue-gray color of our bedroom wall from when we gave this room a makeover. I love vintage fabric and the way it was printed and the colors that were used. It has such a different quality and style than fabric printed today.

I had thought about making some drapes for this room with tablecloths, but was so glad I found this vintage rose patterned fabric.


Vintage Floral Pattern fabric made into a curtain

The only problem was there were only two panels and I needed 4; but at for $20 for the pair, how could I pass them up?! I knew even if I didn’t use them as drapes, it was great fabric. Luckily, my good friend, Anne, and I brainstormed and decided to split each panel in half and use them for decoration only. I have to admit, when pictures are not being taken, my hubby and I are black-out shade people. I am like a vampire with the morning sun. It worked out even better that I didn’t need them to touch the floor either with the headboard against one window and a dresser against the other.

Vintage floral curtains against a white headboard

I decided not to line the floral curtains, because I love the  sunlight coming through them and how bright it makes our bedroom.. AFTER I am already up. 🙂 But I do love this cottage direction our bedroom is going in. We spent years working on the kids room only to ignore ours. I’m so glad we made those changes!

See how our bedroom has changed and how it looks after this look!

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  1. Hey Jan,
    this is Rachana here , I have been following your lovely blog form somtime and obviously i love to read thru and see the lovely pics over here.
    the Bed room makeover was a commandable job and you did it great .
    woooooow ,too good ,i am loving the canning head board and the whole of the bedroom .
    super job .
    do visit me somtimes
    keep inspiring

  2. Oh my gosh, I heart you even more now after that confession! I am SUCH a vampire too, me and the morning sun definitely do not get along.

    I love the faded beauty of these, just lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi sweet friend…can’t get into your etsy shop to leave you a note..but was wondering if you could send me another flower for my brown messenger bag..I lost it in Seattle and can’t find it anywhere!!! I was soooo sad and mad..some person has a nice flower. The bag is just not the same without it…let me know the cost.

    Thanks sooooo much. xoxoxo

    Your your curtains are amazing!!!

  4. I’m loving these a lot … EVEN if you ever take them down they can be repurposed into a million different things … ooops, that would mean you’d have to cut them … mmmm … not so much!
    they are fab …

    missn u
    hey, how am I not on your sidebar? tehe

  5. Pretty curtains! I actually had black trash bags taped to my windows once …YES, I did…such a shame, I know! 😉 ~it WAS years ago…years!!!!

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