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Bright and Colorful Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

Hi everyone! I am so excited to show you the girl’s bedroom makeover I did on Little’s side of the room! I hadn’t done anything to their room since 2010 and they are growing up and wanting something fun and bright. I also needed a color scheme that would work for both Little and Oldest.  Their room was first done in 2010 when we had all three kids in there! It was great because I could see how the walls looked, and I even used it on her night stand to see if I wanted to paint it a contrasting color or not. I used SW 6478 Watery on the nightstand and decided on SW 7004 Snowbound for the walls. Then I decided on SW 6613 Lei Flower for the small accent colors. I also decided to swap out her headboard, and I wanted to see how a gold-ish color would look. It was really fun to change up their room and go for color! And, I was the bigger momma and put my design ideas to the side, and I let Little pick out her own bedspread. Sometimes when you think about design and decorating all of the time it’s hard to give up a bit of control. But, it is her room, so I gave her the bedspread. :)Here is the “before” from 4 years ago.

GIrls' bedroom with tan walls

I loved this room, and it was sweet, but they were ready for change! Here  all of the changes we made and the is the after of our girl’s room bedroom makeover!!!!

Girl's bedroom with multi color bedspread, love sign over the bed and painted nightstand in aqua with gold headboard

Isn’t it fun?!!! The walls were painted in the SW 7004 Snowbound for a neutral backdrop, which is a nice white with a tiny bit of grey. It was a good start because, to be honest, I had to put my foot down. They kept arguing about colors, and one wanted this and the other wanted that and one wanted big stripes and then polka dots, and finally I said, “That’s it!” White. It’s going to be White. Then we can add as much color in other ways we want! Done!

Bright and colorful girl's bedroom makeover

I put a fun poster print on a foam core display frame. She picked out her bedspread and I added the pillow from an Etsy shop. I’ll give you guys all of the resources in a later post.

Vintage headboard made modern by spray painting it gold

The arrow curtains were plain white ones I had hand-stamped with gold paint. I love how bright and fun they look.

Colorful girls bedroom

And I LOVE the headboard. It’s an antique one I found at the flea market for $40 last year. It received a golden makeover with spray paint. I love how it just makes it so modern.

Dresser painted in a cute modern blue and coral theme

And the nightstand was painted with SW 6478 Watery and got some new knobs.

lampshade update with honeycomb stencil

And the lamp we already had. I painted it with the accent color and used a honeycomb stencil to revamp her plain white lampshade.I love how it turned out, and it was so fun to be able to really give Little a new space. She loves it. She told me she’s going to keep it clean all of the time now. Riiiiiigggght. We are still working on Oldest’s. You know how Tweens are. 🙂


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  1. I would make over my 14 year old daughter’s bedroom. I love the color you used!

  2. What a sweet room…my favorite is the curtains-so simple but makes such a statement! I think I’d paint our bathroom…it’s time to lighten it up.

  3. My plan for this summer is to change my daughter’s room into a school/play room and make an office for my teacher husband out of our guest room !!! I have 2 makeovers coming in the next couple months! This would be huge help…

  4. Love how the room turned out. I have 11 and 12 year old daughters who are wanting an update to their room!

  5. That room is simply adorable. Love the colors. I too have been having fits picking a paint color for our bedroom. We are getting ready to list our home. I am in the same color family that you have chosen. So funny. The painters come in two days and tomorrow I have to tell them what color. Seeing it actually on the walls helps so much.

  6. I love the way you transformed her room! How fitting for a young girl. The colors are beautiful!

  7. Hi…what a darling room! Love it all…I am happy to see “watery” used on something…as I just bought it for my bathroom. I still have my bedroom to paint so would use the gift card for that…thanks for the chance!
    Diane W.

  8. Love the color combinations. The room looks adorable! I would repaint my spare bedroom.

  9. My boys have been wanting to paint their room for some time. This would be nice! Thank you.

  10. I need to makeover my living room because there is no paint or pictures on the walls. Winning this gift card would help buy quality paint!

  11. My living room needs a Sherwin-Williams paint makeover. She’s looking all tired and run-down. She needs a color pick-me-up!

  12. Love the bright and cheerful room. Have just finished painting 4 rooms with Sherwin Williams paint. Time to redo the room used when my granddaughter visits. thanks for the visual suggestions… But where did you purchase the bedspread? Love it!

  13. Our master bathroom for sure! It really needs a new coat of paint…the pale green in there is so boring!

  14. I really need to make some changes in my living room. It’s much too dull and boring.

  15. I love the idea of the color visualizer tool. I’m getting ready to redo my daughter’s room now that she has outgrown her crib. What perfect timing!

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