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Camp Wandawega Vintage Decor

Are you all ready for a vintage decor photo waterfall? I have a ton of photos to share with you of the Camp Wandawega vintage decor! There was something to look at all of the time and photo opportunities around every single corner and if you love decorating with vintage and antique items in your home, this post is for you! There is such an amazing attention to detail and branding at Camp Wandawega. It’s all so cohesive. The owner, Tereasa, is so talented and has such a fantastic eye for detail and design. If you missed my post about our stay there and some tips, make sure to check out this post about all of the fun things to do, food, etc. For now, let’s take a look at some of the vintage decor and details at camp! Make sure to scroll to the end, because every room is better than the last and there are some great vintage style ideas to incorporate in your own home!

Camp Wandawega lodge with stone fireplace

The lodge is probably one of the most photographed and well-known parts of the camp. It’s so cool and rustic on the inside and has such amazing details. The fireplace was so gorgeous and everything felt stopped in time in a good way. Even the small pipe display on the mantel told a story.

Mantelscape with old books and pipes

The other part of the lodge also has an old dining area available for rent and a bar. When you walk through the back part it opens to this really cool costume room, and an old sleeping porch that now swerves as two sweet bedrooms.

One of the bedrooms at Camp Wandawega has the sweetest vintage feminine vibe with vintage barkcloth curtains and a doll house. As a grown up I would love a bedroom like this.

Vintage girls bedroom at Camp Wandawega

The other side has a more masculine vintage camping feel with a fun display of rackets ont he wall and vintage camping blankets.

Vintage camping bedroom at Camp Wandawega

I just love the layers and heights, and how everything is stacked with each other. Another part of ht lodge features a retro staff lounge. The wood work is amazing and every element is so fun. If you love vintage camping blankets, see how to make your own here with fleece and fabric paint.

Staff lounge at Camp Wandawega

The way they use old electronics is so much fun and so clever. I love how everything has a touch of flea market style and is original and true to the aesthetic.

Staff lounge with wood paneling and old TV Camp Wandawega

In the lodge there is also a game room where there are all kinds of vintage board games. I was drawn to this far wall with a grouping of vintage trophies. They are a sweet special touch along with the old gaming wheel used as wall art.

Vintage Tophies in game room

In other buildings in the camp, there are all kinds of special vintage touches. In the tree house, there is an awesome loft with collections of vintage books and a place to spend time and read them.

Old books in a tree house on bookshelf

Just underneath that loft is an area to hang out in. I adore the couch with all of the little decor items on the wall.

Vintage camp items in tre house and bark cloth pillows

I also really love the use of non-traditional items for wall art, and how the display of these items becomes art in themselves. This vintage swim suit collection on a bamboo pole makes for an amazing display over the bed instead of a headboard.

Old vintage swimsuits on wall as display

A collection of vintage canteens on what looks like an old fishing rod are so interesting to look at!

Collection of vintage canteens on wall

The are on the lower bunkhouse wall. One thing I love about this decor idea, is the use of wool blankets outside of every door. I love the idea that if you’re feeling a little chilly, or need a blanket to sit outside with, they are inviting you to grab one.

Hallway with wool blankets and vintage decor

The use of vintage art on the walls really adds to the vibe too. This stacked grouping looks so stunning between the two windows. They are so simple, yet it’s so eye catching. I could go on and on! Here are a few other images around Camp Wandawega and the vintage decor in different buildings.

Cluster of vintage pictures on wall
Collection of paint by numbers on wall

Who doesn’t love decorating with a cluster of original paint by number on a wall?

Desk with vintage deer antler mounts
In the ranger staition vintage wood cuts and books
Vintage TV and decor at Camp Wandawega
Vintage door signs on door jam

I want one of these little brass signs for every room in my house. I need to find some of these. You know I love a brass sign on a door.

Vintage cabin at Camp Wandawega
Buffalo check bedding and vintage ski poles in bedroom

This is just a sampling! There are so many more buildings and places to look at I didn’t even show here. With all of the attention to the decor at Camp Wandawega, really filled my creative bucket. It’s some place that if you love the vintage aesthetic, you will just adore!

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  1. Quite a few years ago I read a book the owners wrote about restoring the camp…and all the great treasures they found on the property(and off) which they used in its decor. Found, Free and Flea. It made me want to own an old camp!

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