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DIY Hanging Basket from a Placemat

i’m joining up with the Thrifty Style team today to bring a DIY hanging basket made from a place mat for your plants! I actually made this for the store to hang next to one of my abstract art pieces. I thought it would be fun to show you how I made it!

Place mat for a DIY plant hanger

This is a fast and easy project. You’ll need a 12 inch round place mat and strong twine. I originally thought I was going to have to hole punch through my mat, but I was able to fish my twine between where the stitching on the layers were.

Find where to put holes in place mat

Pinch the layers together to see where the holes for the twine are going to go. Cut your twine into 5+ foot long pieces. This is important because you are going to double it up on itself later, and will need it long.

Sneak twine through the edge layers for a DIY place mat

Tie the twine, leaving enough space so the edge is supported. If you don;t leave enough material, the weight of the plant could cause it to rip through.

Once all four edges are tied, check the length

Check the length by hanging the place mat, and even up the twine.

Tied knots in twine or DIY hanging basket for your plants

Gather your twine into one bundle, pull all of the twine together. Double over on itself and let the tails hang down, and tie a loop knot in the top.

Tie a few more knots along the length of the twine that are gathered together.

Knots along twine length

Add more or less knots to either add more length to the hanger. Adding more will shorten it up a bit.

Adjust the rope

Hang your plant hanger, and adjust the twine so it hangs evenly. This is great for a lightweight trailing plant like a Pothos, or spider plant. I mixed two varieties of Pothos starts in the pot for interest. If you want to see more about decorating with plants, check out this post here.

DIY plant hanger

You’re going to want to use a container that doesn’t leak. I have mine in a small tin bucket.

DIY hanging plant hanger

I think this DIY hanging basket is so cute! It’s almost like an upside down floppy hat… It’s so cute and easy!

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  1. What a fabulous idea, Jen. I never thought of using a placemat! And, you are right, it does look like a floppy hat. So darling and a fun way to hang plants.

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