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Kane County Flea Market Finds

I recently was at two very different markets. I was at the Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market with the shop to set up and sell, and last weekend, the family took a little field trip to the Kane County Flea Market (which I used to sell at.). If you haven’t been to either, they are both good for their own separate reasons. You can also check out the video in the post for a peek at the flea market of my finds. Interested in going to the flea market and need a few tips? Check out this post.

Urban Farmgirls Main Street Market

Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market, now located in Belvidere, IL happens twice a year on the Boone County  Fairgrounds. It’s a great place to go find some really talented artists, handmade items, and top of the crop vintage. Many of the sellers are seasoned vintage dealers, and find things from all over the US. Many of the vendors are now bringing their trailers and air streams, and they have the cutest pop up shops inside. After years of schlepping and unpacking, that is the way to go! Plus, there are some amazing food vendors! Hubby and I might have eaten some pretty awesome edible cookie dough, and awesome BBQ… It’s a really fun, one day show. What I really love is the attendees are so loyal, even when it’s raining buckets, they happily show up with their cute umbrellas, and rubber boots.

Vintage workbench at market

Kane County Flea Market, located in St. Charles, IL is a real flea market that runs generally once a month, the first weekend, for most of the year. There is a mix of handmade vendors, upscale vintage, and what I call “pickers” vintage, it’s a little bit grungier. I find a lot of great materials, and industrial items there. It’s also the kind of place to find wax melts, bins of stuff to pick through, and sports memorabilia. They kind of have it all! Food ranges from hot dogs to pizza, but luckily if you need mega-size items, there’s a Costco right next to it! You can see one that I went to years ago when I first started blogging!


See the Kane county Flea Market video here:

Funny story…The Kane County Flea Market is how I met Mary who own Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market. We both sold at the flea market at the same time,and at the Nada Farm sale. I always remember her under the awing with all of her white furniture, and how excited I was when she opened her shop in 2012. It’ so exciting to see how far she has taken this, and all of the hard work she’s put into it!

I love going to both, because I think they have their own purpose. Do you have a favorite market you like to go to?

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