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DIY Solar Power Table Lamp

Our new gazebo area has been a great space for us to hang out and enjoy the nice weather. We don’t have electricity in that part of the yard, so recently, we added solar powered string bulb lights which adds nice lighting in the evening. I wanted to make it feel even more like a living space, and bring in a little more light. I had priced out solar powered table lamps, but many of them were super-pricey or not that nice looking.  I decided to try my hand at a DIY Solar Power Table Lamp. I used an old non-working brass lamp from the thrift store, an old lamp shade and a solar powered yard light.

Old brass lamp to turn into a DIY solar powered lamp

The first step is to (unplugged!) cut remove the electrical cord and components from the lamp and discard them, but keep the main structure of the lamp. This lamp will no longer be a working lamp.

Remove electrical parts from lamp when unplugged

Once the lamp parts are removed, add the lamp shade onto the lamp base. It needs to be the kind of shade that sits at the base, not the kind that needs a harp to attach to the lamp (unless you have a really skinny outdoor solar light.).

Make a DIY solar powered lamp with old non-working lamp and solar light

The key is to pick a solar light that detaches from the stake that goes in the ground, and to use the small cross-hatch part where the light fits into the base to go into the old socket space.

Black and white patio pillows by Jennifer Rizzo Design Company

I love how it adds a “living room feel” to the outdoor area. You can find these pillows here, and this patio furniture here.

Make a DIY solar powered light for outside

Let the solar light charge for his maximum time. Once it gets dark, let the light begin!

DIY solar powered lamp

The DIY solar powered lamp casts a nice ambiance, and I’ll add a second lamp to brighten up the outside area.

Solar powered string lights and solar powered lamp

The solar string lights have a nice glow in the evening with the DIY solar power table lamp for about $12.






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