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Easy DIY ceiling medallion mirror

When I was working on the design house, I wanted to come up with an inexpensive way to make fancy mirrors. I was working on another project when I looked up and realized that the solution was over my head the entire time. 🙂 To make a hardware store DIY ceiling medallion mirror.

Easy Diy make a ceiling medallion mirror

I found mine at the hardware store, but after looking on Amazon, I saw that they have a ton of gorgeous ones. Mine is pretty,but some of these are gorgeous.If you are interested, the pictures do contain links and you can click over to take a look at them.

You obviously want ones with a larger hole in the middle for the mirror.

I used gold spray paint to fancy it up a bit, but you could customize these to fit any room.

Make a DIY mirror from a ceiling medallion

After I spray painted it, I flipped it over and glued a mirror from the craft store. I used a heavy duty glue for non-porous surfaces to make sure the mirror would stay in place.

After that I did the same with a hanger, you can add a wood or cardboard back as well like I did here.

ceiling medallin made into a mirror

After the glue cured, it was ready to hang!

Make a mirror from a ceiling medallion

I love how this turned out and  I am going to make all kinds in different styles for my wall. I just love how fancy they were and how expensive it is to make them.



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Easy DIY mirror from ceiling medallion



  1. Hi Jen! This is a must try for me! I love love love this idea and I have just the spot for it! Thanks for your endless stream of creative, fabulous ideas!!! Such a great diy series!!!

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