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Renewing a Porch Ceiling with Fascia

My clients home has a covered porch that runs between the garage and the side of the house.  It’s really more of an underpass from the front of the house to the back yard. I think at one time it was a breezeway, but I am not entirely sure. The ceiling of the porch pass through was awful. It had peeling paint and needed to be freshened up. We wanted to make it look nice and as maintenance free for the new owners as possible. We decided to set about renewing the porch ceiling with fascia and metal soffit panels.
Old porch roof before adding a ceiling and fascia and metal soffit panels

My client needed an easy way to make their opening under their porch to look brand new.

Renewing the porch ceiling with fascia and soffit panels seemed like the perfect solution.

No more painting!!! No more scraping!!!! Yay!!!!
Renewing a porch ceiling with fascia and soffit panels. Installing metal soffit and fascia panels
After cutting the new hole for the “new” light; wide furring strips were added so it was easier to attach the fascia to the ceiling.
It took a couple of hours to put up and then a  revamped light from the Restore was installed..
Installing metal soffit panels
What a difference! It looks so clean and bright and I loved how the light turned out and so do they!
 Here’s the before :
Old metal brass porch light
and after:
Spray paint porch light makeover
I love how bright and gorgeous it is now, and how the porch light looks too.
It totally updates the entire porch.
Old brass porch light makeover with spray paint
And the ceiling looks so neat and clean.
Porch ceiling makeover with fascia and metal soffit panels
It’s such a great 2 hour update. Now, it looks like a much more pleasant place to hang out and sip a glass of lemonade.

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  1. I have a question! Yesterday I bought a light from the Goodwill store. But, it is missing two little screw things that I don’t know where to replace. In your picture, on the top of the light where the curved metal connects to the light square top of the light case there are four little knobs. These are the items I am missing. Where do you think I can find those? Would Lowe’s have them? I fell in love with the light, so for $5 I had to have it even if I couldn’t use it. I figured I could rig something. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea with the vinyl siding on the ceiling – it really does look like beadboard! We have a porch at the lake and this would be a very good idea down the line. It is actually being worked on this week for tape failure because of the moisture. The light looks great too!
    Erin at piersandchandeliers@gmail.com

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