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Visiting Local Flea Market for Vintage Decor

Tracey and I met to go to our local flea market this last Sunday. The sweetest person ever, she met me at the front gate with Starbuck’s with my name on it, in hand. How wonderful is that? I love visiting the local flea market for vintage decor.It was wonderful to walk around and see all of the treasures the vendors have. There were a lot of statues and some gorgeous displays.
Vintage yard statue at the flea market surrounded by ferns


I just adore a beautiful display! I think it makes the entire experience of shopping!

One thing people always want to know about shopping at the flea market is can you haggle the prices? While you can ask for a better price, but the vendors have taken their time and energy to bring amazing items with them ,so if the price seems reasonable when flea market shopping,I would recommend paying it.

Vintage dress at the flea market

We both agreed this vintage dress coat was very cool and”anthro” . I could imagine it so updated in a different fabric. I rally adore vintage clothing almost as much as I love vintage home decor.

Basket and iron item at the flea market

I got to met another blogger who also vends. Her blog is Tapestries of nature and she had some really great things. I loved all of her rustic decor and chippy farmhouse finds.

Chicken box as home decor

I loved this.. I thought it would be great to control the shoes at my front door and the color was fabulous! … I will definitely keep it in mind or something similar. Those shoes are out of control, even though our front entry has had a makeover.

Mary of Urban Farmgirl at the Karn county flea market

And I finally got to meet Mary from Urban Farmgirl. As another furniture painter and a girl after my own heart; we’ve chatted via e-mail for a while, it was great to finally meet in person! The nice thing about places like the flea market, is you meet so many kindred spirits!
 I wish I had a picture of Tracey and I trying to haul all of our finds through the flea market to the parking lot with our arms full and things hanging off of shoulders. I almost peed myself laughing. My legs are actually a bit sore today from using those “sherpa” muscles.
I also bought a few fantastic goodies for the Petite flea market May 21 and 22 at Nada Farms. You will definitely find some amazing vintage decor and finds there!

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  1. Ok, seriously…could I have taken a worse photo? Ahhh…nothing better than ‘flea market hair’ from wind and a 4am wake up call. Yikes!

    It was so great to see you and Tracey! I didn’t recognize you under those big sunglasses! haha…we will have to get together some time when we have more time to chat! It was great to finally meet you!


  2. oh i bet that was a fun morning/afternoon!! And a wee bit jealous you got to meet Mary, she is a doll!! Cant’t wait to see all the things you hauled off!

  3. Do you realize how incredibly easy that shoe catcher thing would be to make? Several of the big hardware stores will make cuts in lumber for you & that looks like super simple cuts and such. You should totally look into making it! Check out http://www.knock-offwood.com if you’re hesitant to build you own furniture.

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