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Flu Fighters

Well, the flu finally hit our house. We are officially the “flu fighters”. If you’ve been following on IG or FB, you know we’ve already been in quarantine for a few days.

Having a group of tweens over for a sleep-over, during flu season, seemed like such a great idea a few weeks ago. Two days afterwards, I was rethinking that decision, as Little spiked a 102 degree fever, and started hacking like crazy. Then Oldest started. Luckily, (so far) Middle has stayed healthy, and wasn’t here for the sleep-over, so she spent a few days with my mom.

Kitchen subway tile with gray and white scheme in kitchen, with kilim rug and vintage chandelier #kilim #subwaytile #whitecabinets

I feel like my kitchen will never be this clean again. At this point, the dirty dishes are marching across the countertop in protest across the stove.

I’ve had kids huddled in blankets the last few days,with humidifiers and steam showers running. I normally don’t run to the doctor for everything, but with Little’s bout of pneumonia, I wasn’t taking any chances, and the first day we popped over there. Afterwards, we headed home to load up on fluids,essential oil and a few other remedies, and a watchful eye.

So far, after days of high fevers, they are finally subsiding, but still have lingering coughs. I am keeping  close eye on them, since pneumonia seems to be a real threat behind this flu. Even though my kids are older, I still get so nervous when their fevers get too high. At one point we hit 104.3 and I started to get a little worried. Luckily, we were able to bring it down.

I feel like I’m out of the loop at the shop too, since I’ve been home since Wednesday. I worked a bit from home, and I’ve been downing ACV in water, probiotics ,sanitizing,and anything else I can do to keep myself healthy.  I might also be medicating with a little Gin drink (I figure if it worked for the settlers in the old timey-days,it can work for me too.). I’m tired, but the upside is, the exercise I’ve gotten going up and down stairs for the two sick-os over 4 days has really toned my buns. Winning.

Cheers to gin and raspberry

So, we’ve almost won the battle (fingers crossed), and are officially “flu fighters”. Everyone is a little more “chipper around here,” and is starting to finally feel hungry… and they are starting to fight again. All good signs. I’m always thankful and feel incredibly grateful for good health.

I hope your home is staying healthy, and you’re able to avoid this nasty flu. Spring can’t get here fast enough!!



  1. I had two relatives from out of town at my house come down with the flu. The rest of us stayed healthy in part by eating 3 clemintines a day…or the flu shot could have helped a little, too. And disinfectant wipes.

  2. So sorry to hear your family are flu victims. Take care and all the best. Hugs and best wishes for all good health.

  3. I am pleased to hear that everyone seems to be getting better. Here’s praying for you and your family to keep improving to good health. Have a Geary weekend

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