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Painting Bird Art

I’ve been working on painting bird art.  I love doing canvas work when I can take the time to sit down and plan out  a design and then actually finish it. I have to admit, I have  a lot of half done work. I’ll get ideas, start them, get distracted, and then lose interest in coming back to them. I know its such  a  bad artistic habit. I have a much easier time finishing home decorating projects for some reason.
Painted bird art canvas

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 I’ve always loved birds and botanical prints.
Painting a finch bird art on a canvas
  There is something about the vintage quality with nature that is near and dear to my heart. I loved painting the tree branch on the dreamy background. I love the feeling I get when I look at it.
Grow your garden canvas with paint
 I also am trying to play a little bit and not be so serious and just go with ideas; because I know art should be fun too. This one is tattoo inspired. 🙂 It makes me want another one….


Upclose of garden painting
I’ll have smaller prints (8 x 10) available in my spring Etsy collection; but I have them listed now at my Redbubble site for other sizes.  You can also find some of  my other painted art on Society6, including seasonal and botanical artwork all created from originals placed on all kinds of products from pillows to canvases.
If you love botanical art, see how to make your own large size botanical art here.
I hope you had a wonderful and snow free weekend. We had a few inches here, but nothing my husband couldn’t handle…  It’s good for him.. builds character. 😉

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  1. Gorgeous work Jen! I love botanicals and bird! You are so talented! Oh how I wish I could paint like that! Have a wonderful day! Hugs Lulu

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I have some half and even more than half finished pieces that I just can’t finish. Thanks for sharing that – now I know I am not alone!! Beautiful work you do.

  3. Jen- The birds are awesome. You are so talented and I really enjoy seeing your work (and that awesome birdcage behind:) It was good to see you Saturday, but I felt like I just said “Hi Jen” and then a million people came into the booth needing my attention, and I didn’t really get to talk. I’ll keep watching…Anita

  4. these are really great Jen! i can relate to getting distracted it’s my middle name! i’m trying really hard to take an idea from start to finish! hope all is well! susan

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