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The new girls in town….

I’ve been working on more Santos dolls between swearing at my chair.  I am really getting into the process of creating them and then giving them their own history. Sometimes I almost think my dolls are more like art dolls. They take on a personality of their own after a while. 
I have to admit to sneaking and peeking over at the site Santos cage Dolls . The dolls they have are so gorgeous and they have these little crowns I keep thinking about buying to put on mine. it’s a pretty cool site.
But I still have to admit. I love sculpting my dolls and creating them; but they still creep me out a  tiny bit.
I swear their little eyes follow me around the room.
I know, I have issues. But, just keepin’ it real.
Any way….  🙂 meet…
   Bird Molly. She’s a kind soul, with a heart that wants to fly. 
 Helene. You can depend on her for strength and guidance.
 And  The Mother. Everything about her encompasses love.
In her little nest is  a little antique frozen charlotte I found on Etsy. These are the tiniest little dolls I have ever seen. They come all the way from Germany over 100 years ago and are actually discards from an old factory, still being unearthed.
I’ll have these listed in my Etsy store for my Spring collection with some others I am working on. I’ll also have them for The Nada Event in May. If you get a chance, stop on over there. Anne Marie wrote the nicest post about me today. You can also see some of the other awesome dealers that are going to be there along with Fifi signing her book. There are so many people coming from out of town, it’s exciting!  
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  2. Your little ladies are wonderful, Jennifer! They have much character and soul in their facial expressions. I love them all. Great job you did with them! 🙂

  3. Im in love with The Mother…BEAUTIFUL. I saw the post by Anne Marie, water seeks its own level…have so much fun…and good luck on the chair too… relax it will come. “HAppy ACCidents.”

  4. These are just beautiful! You’ve done an amazing job with them. You are very talented. I adore all of them but Bird Molly is really catching my eye. She has the sweetest expression.

  5. These santos are beautiful. As a little girl growing up Catholic in Northern New Mexico, I remember loving these statues and also how I could freak myself out by thinking they were watching me! There are a lot of Santeros who show their work at the Spanish Market every year in Santa Fe, should you ever be incclined to go. Thanks for sharing your work!

  6. Hi Jen, I sneak and peek over here too! 🙂 You are so, so talented and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next – I wish I was closer to you so I could get ahold of them in person!

  7. Your Santos dolls are so beautiful, Jen! I love The Mother doll with the antique frozen charlote… fabulous!
    Love Anne Marie… wish I could make it to her big event, but it’s just too far away (I’m in California).
    Have a great day!
    Jo 🙂

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