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Fun and Easy DIY pumpkin chalkboard

Don’t you just love an good chalkboard project? I wanted to do something my kiddos could have fun with this fall,and a DIY pumpkin chalkboard seemed perfect for my little artists!

Easy DIY pumpkin chalkboard


Draw a pumpkin on PDF for a cute chalkbaord

First I had the hardware store cut a 20 x 20 piece of  MDF for me. I sketched out a pumpkin silhouette and added a cute bat to match.

If you need some direction on how to paint a pumpkin silhouette, click here.

stripe with paint

I decided I wanted a striped background, so I used painter’s tape to tape out my stripes.

paint stripes on the PDf around your pumpkin image

I carefully painted my striped around my sketched image.

After your stripes dry,paint in your chalkboard images

 I them re-taped and painted the other color.

let your chalkbaord cure and paint dry

After my stripes dried, I painted in my chalkboard areas with chalkboard paint. It took a few coats for coverage.

season your chalkbaord surface

after my paint cured, I season my chalkboard by rubbing chalk on it and then erasing.

DIY pumpkin chalkboard collage

 Then it was ready to go for all kinds of spooky and fun faces! I thought it would be a cute message board too for Halloween trick or treating!



Before the kids got a hold of it, I went back and did a little of my own art work just for fun!

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