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Hand-stamped custom gold arrow curtains….

HI everyone! I wanted to share with you the curtains I have been working on for Little’s bedroom makeover! I can never find the curtains I have in my head when I want so sometimes it’s easier to make them!

I made custom gold arrow curtains that I stamped with hand-made arrow stamps from plain white Ikea panels.

carve an arrow stamp with a linocarver

I used this same technique to carve your own rubber stamp.

And I used This stamp carving set

and And I like these easy carving blocks.

I just raced out my stamp and carved away. Once my stamps were carved, I inked them and carefully started stamping.

hand stamp arrows in a random pattern for really cute curtains!

I had made three different designs and laid them out in a random pattern.hand stamped arrow curtainsOnce the ink was dried and heat set, they were ready to hang!

handstamped arrows with gold fabric paint

The curtains are hand stamped with gold arrow

I couldn’t find a gold curtain rod, so I found one I liked from Target and spray painted it gold.

spray painted gold curtain rod from TargetThey ended up so cute against her freshly painted walls and they are fun too.It’s slowly starting to come together. I love the look of gold and white. It looks so crisp and bright.

We still have a lot to do. Now that her side is almost done,we have to do Oldest’s side.

Oldest has  a loft bed and the whole thing has to be moved to even paint her side of the room!

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  1. Oh Jen I love your curtains. I have some panels I want to paint but trying to get my courage up. I am like the lion from wizard of oz with some projects.

  2. Very cute!! Why am I thinking of Princess Diaries 2?? I appreciate you sharing details about your project. Visiting for Savy Southern Style

  3. Jen, these are so pretty. You are right it’s hard to find just exactly want you have in mind in stores. A few years back my mom had beautiful sheer panels that had tiny gold roses embroidered on them. I’ve never been able to find anything like them. I would love to try something like you did with the arrows, which look so great. Are there certain fabrics that work better than others for a project like this?

    1. HI Becky, I like any of the panels from Ikea. They are all really affordable. It depends on if you are going to wash them or not but you can fabric stamp on any fabric.

  4. Wow, love this idea! And the arrows are beautiful on the curtains. A beautiful simple touch. Genius.

  5. Ok i am obsessed with these curtains! Any chance you would do a custom made order for a set? Not sure I am crafty enough to do this and have been searching everywhere for something like this?!?!
    or at least help with the arrow stampers?!
    Thank you!!!!

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