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Home tour and family room reveal

HI everyone! Welcome if you are coming over from the beautiful home of  Jones Design Company as  apart of Linsday’s Fall tour (in fact to see the entire tour for the beginning start there.)!

I’ve done a bunch of fun home tours this Fall, but I am so excited to show you this one!


Over a year ago our area had some pretty bad flooding.While we aren’t in an area that floods, a bunch of us had gotten water that had never gotten water before. Needless to say, after living in a very cramped way for the last year and a half, we finally have our family room back!!! It’s been a slow an steady redo after the last year and a half, but I am so happy to have the TV out of the living room! So today I am going to share those two spaces with you!! It will be fun to show you a new room you’ve never seen before!

Bright and colorful living room

First, here is our much emptier living room with out the TV! It’s so nice to have so much space when we walk in!

Love the rug in the living room!

We were able to bring my grandmother’s buffet out of storage. I just love how it looks!

Buffet with Fall decor

And it’s nice to have a quiet place to hang out.

coffee table vignette

And I just can’t believe how much extra room we have!

Cute mix of colors and patterns. Drapes from Cost Plus World market

The kids are super happy that the family room is finished. They love to get home from school and play Wii or just go hang out.

I think they are happy to have  a bit of space too!

My main goal was to make it all about family history and us… and to add in some fun! I like to call the theme “well traveled”. Part of my goal was to not spend a lot on furniture either! Much of it came from storage of things I had picked up here and there for when the space did get put back together!

Family numbers on wall.cute!

I’ve been picking up things here and there like this letter “r” and this number 5.

Old trunks used as a side table

I brought in some old steamer trunks in for a side table.The some amazing curtains are from Cost Plus World market.

Coffee table vignette with white mix and match vases

I adore how bright and cheerful they are! I mean this is a sub-level, so anything to keep the gloominess away that  seems to go with spaces like that is worth it!

Family room

And my favorite part is the collage wall. All of the pictures are of our grandparents as children and in their young lives. I’ll share more on that later.

decorative collage with pictures

I have these amazing lamps from Birch Lane*,which I just love.

Great lamp from Birch Lane

Fun use of old family pictures for decorating

These pillows are also from Birch Lane. I love how the mustard sofa’s look with the navy and white pattern.

We still have some little things to do like all of the trim work and a few doors, but  for me, it was “done” enough to move back into!


collage family pictures inall shapes and sizes

I have maps and globes because all of our grandparents were immigrants and I really wanted to kind of emphasize that family global feeling!

Barney Fife on the back wall is NOT a family member. It’s a signed photo some one bought my husband and he kind of fits right in!

Faux mantel decorating idea

I also want it to be fun since the kids really spend the most time down here. So I added this on the wall just for them!

The deer head and lettering is a fun and creative way to decorate a wall!!!

Kinda fun! I like it.

Thank you so much for stopping by! It was fun to have a new space to show you!

You can head on over to Dimples and Tangles next!


Oh , and my Holiday book is on pre-order! It comes out in a few weeks. reserve your copy now!!!!

Jen signatureYou can see my kitchen and dining are here.

Jennifer Rizzo's kitchen

you can see my bed and bathroom here.

Mixed bedroom pillows

You can buy my Holiday book here!!!

Creatively Christmas by Jennifer Rizzo

*I was partially compensated with goods and or services for parts of this post.


  1. Wow, those curtains are nice in the WM website, but they are GORGEOUS with the sun shining through them. I’ll bet you’re thrilled with your choice! Thanks for sharing your beautiful rooms with us!! Happy Friday!

  2. Just went to Amazon and preordered your book Creatively Christmas. Hope to get it by end of Oct. I have a gift shop and can’t wait to try some of the ideas 🙂

  3. Oh Jen it is beautiful. I love all your special unique touches you did in the room too. Your pictures and the I love you dearly is super sweet. I am excited to come to the book signing on October 18th. I am so excited to get a signed copy of your book. Congrats. You are so deserving of this honor. I am going to try and make a girls night out of it and bring some friends. Should be fun.

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