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How to Clean Narrow Neck Vases and Bottles

I love my flowers and I love my vases. The one thing that I struggle with is how to clean narrow neck vases and bottles. They seems to get so gross, and some of the necks of the vases are so narrow that I can’t even get a bottle brush inside. I have the same problem with cleaning vintage bottles. I have some beautiful vintage bottles, and the insides are a bit nasty. This life hack for cleaning those skinny bottle necks and vases is the perfect thing! I shared this on IG and it went wild, so I thought I would share it with you too! There’s a video below or you can skip to the post under it.

How to clean a narrow neck bottle or vase

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Using a few household supplies, cleaning your narrow necked vases and skinny bottles is a much easier task.

Use regular rice to clean narrow neck vases and skinny neck bottles

Supplies to clean tight neck vases and bottles:

A funnel, regular uncooked rice, a few drops of dish soap, a few tablespoons of warm water.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to cleaning your vases and bottles before you start:

Do this over a sink and keep a firm grip on your vase with dry hands and make sure the outside of your vase is also dry, so it doesn’t fly out of your hands and break.  Best practice is to do this over a  soft towel in case it does get out of your grip..

Only use a little water so the rice can glide along the bottom and get at the dirt.

Shake or swirl gently.

This isn’t for antiques or priceless heirlooms.

It may need to be repeated if it’s really dirty, or soaked before hand to soften any gunk or dirt.


Add rice into a skinny neck vase or bottle for cleaning


Pour approximately 1/3 cup pf regular, uncooked rice into your vase or bottle.

Add a few drops of dish soap to clean a skinny neck vase or bottle

Add a few drops of dish soap or washing up liquid and a few table spoons of warm water, and then gently swish swish swish!

Shake a skinny neck bottle with rice and dish soap to clean

Pour out the rice and soap and throw it out in the garbage. DON’T put it down the sink.

Dump out rice and soap mixture to clean a vase Rinse your vase or bottle with warm water.

The inside of a skinny neck vase cleaned with rice and soap

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