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How to Make Clothes Pins Look Old

Do you have a favorite project you’ve done recently? My new favorite project is making clothes pins look old and weathered.
How to make clothes pins look old and weathered

Add few dollops of equal parts of brown paint and gray paint, then mix in just enough water to cover the pins, mix it around till the paint is all mixed in.
Mix gray and brown paint to make clothes pins look old
And let them soak! You can adjust how much paint you put in the water by how dark or weathered you want them. You will want to give them a stir and flip them over at least once to make sure both sides weather equally. If you don’t like your first results, add more paint and soak them again.I let them go overnight and then sit in the sun to dry all day.They look weather beaten and aged and perfect to use for crafty projects where you want that barn wood look. For larger wood, putting the grey and brown mixture on top works better.  If you soak the wood, it could warp the boards. Gray-washing is a great way to get a weathered look. for a mossy look, add in green paint, or lightly brush green paint over the top. I have found adding a few drops of green craft paint to a wet paper towel and then giving the clothes pins a slight dab with the towel is enough to give them a slightly mossy look with out going totally overboard.
Soak clothes pins to make them look aged and weathered


Have you ever made new wood look old before? There are a lot of ways to do it including glazing, lime washing, and using coffee and tea like these tags, and this is just one of them.

ea dyed tags on vintage clothes pins

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  1. Thanks for hosting Jennifer. I think I doubled clicked (sorry). Love that clothespin trick. I just made new clothespin bags and I am bookmarking this one.

  2. Excellent little creative tip for the clothes pins. I’m trying to link back to your page, I embedded your url in my post, but it wouldn’t accept it. Do I need a linky thing? Help!

  3. Fate is on my side today! I want to use clothespins for an upcoming project but they look too new. I don’t know how long it will take me to collect old ones, so was re-thinking my project. But now you just solved my problem! Thanks for this easy and very handy tutorial! Also, thanks for hosting the party.

  4. This is so funny! I have a whole sackful of weathered clothespins because I used to always leave them on the clothesline year round.

  5. Oh, and will you delete my black and white dresser link? It’s my Goodwill (okay, Salvation Army) makeover so I should just link that one up next Friday.

    Sorry. I should’ve read your sidebar … first … before linking …



  6. what a great idea on the clothpins! will definitly have to try. and thanks for hosting the party. cant wait to check everyone else’s favorite project. have a great day!

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