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How to make your own custom DIY washi tape…..

Remember when a couple of years ago, when the only tape you could get was clear and  beige…?

Oh the advances we’ve made. 🙂

I love washi tape. It has a great light weight feel to it, but it also has a prettiness. While there are a lot of choices, sometimes I can’t find a color or pattern I want, so I thought it would be a perfect project to make my own!

Here’s a great way to make your own DIY washi tape!

HOw to make your own DIY washi-inspired gift wrap tapeGather your supplies. You want drafting tape which is thinner and more flexible than masking tape.

acrylic paint

a piece of stiff plastic sheeting

stamps of choice

and StazOn permanent  ink pads

Make your own washi tapeFirst, stretch your tape across your plastic sheet

make your own DIY washi tapenext paint your tape with acrylic paint

how to make your own wasi tapeRemove any excess paint with a cotton ball and let dry.

how to make your own DIY washi tape

Then use your StazOn and stamp away!Make your own washi tape with acrylic paintIt’s fun to do your own color combinations and patterns and a pretty way to wrap gifts and add to envelopes! You could even use a name stamp to make your own tape or for wedding favors!!!

Pretty cool.

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