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How to Make Your Own Custom DIY Washi Tape

 I love washi tape. It has a great light weight feel to it, but it also has a prettiness.  Washi tape is a form of  natural plant paper from, Japan. These Japanese masking tapes are beautiful, fun, colorful and creative. What I love about it is there are so many ways to use it, and you can explore your creativity with it from everything to paper crafts and scrapbooking, to home decor and wrapping gifts. While there are a lot of choices, sometimes you just can’t find the color or design that you would like. One of the amazing things about it, is that it has enough adhesive to stick well to surface, but also removes fairly easily. It’s actually really easy to make and design your own washi tape. You just need a few simple supplies and lots of time to get creative, because once you start, its’ hard to stop!I wanted to share with you a great way to make your own DIY washi tape!

Make DIY washi tape with paint and stamps

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The supplies needed to make your own custom washi tape:

If you can’t find plain Japanses paper tape, you can also use drafting tape which is thinner and more flexible, and has less adhesive than masking tape. If you want to create larger stickers, you can also use thicker masking tape.

Acrylic paint colors of choice

A piece of stiff plastic sheeting or parchment or wax paper in a pinch

Rubber stamps in different designs, smaller ones can be better for detail. Small alphabet stamps if you want to create labels

StazOn permanent  ink pads in various colors

Permanent markers

Paint brushes


Make your own washi tape by starting to cut your tape strips and lay them out side by side

First, prepare your work surface by placing your tape across your plastic sheet in strips the same size pieces, or different sizes if you are creating a label or sticker. press onto your flexible plastic sheeting. When adding your tape be careful not to stretch it too much or it will distort the image when you remove your design later.

One trick if you end up using regular masking tape to make your washi tape: Press your strip of masking tape to a piece of low lint fabric or even on your jeans first and remove before adding to your plastic sheeting. This will take the adhesive factor down a lot and make the tape little more removable and not too overly sticky.

make your own DIY washi tape by painting with acrylic paint

Use a soft brush to paint on your tape with acrylic craft paint. Have fun with painting multiple colors, or add a unique touch by painting onto the tape and then using a paper towel to lift some of the paint for a dappled or distressed finish to add textures.

how to make your own wasi tape by using acrylic paint and tape

Remove any excess paint with a cotton ball  or paper towel and let dry. If you don’t let the paint dry, your stamps will pick up the paint.

how to make your own DIY washi tape

Then use your StazOn and stamps or markers to add design elements and a repeating pattern. You can use markers to write in script or add dots and dashes to your DIY washi tape. Once your tape is done, just leave it on your plastic sheeting until you’re ready to use and stack them for easy storage.

HOw to make your own custom washi tape

Create own color combinations and patterns and a pretty way to wrap gifts and add to envelopes!  You could even use a name stamp to make your own tape or for wedding favors!!! I love making a bunch of tape to use on different craft projects and art projects on canvas for mixed media. I know other people who use them in their journal, notebooks or in their day to day planners. They are a great way to add a personalized touch to whatever you are making. Don’t be afraid to play with color or stamps.

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