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How to Paint DIY Galaxy Ornaments

The thing I love most about those clear, glass craft store ornaments is that they have a ton of potential!  There are all kinds of ways you can customize them! If you’ve ever wondered How to Paint DIY Galaxy Ornaments, this is the post for you!

How to make DIY galaxy ornaments wiht paint and glass globe ornaments #ornamentDIY #glassglobeornaments

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Painting galaxy ornaments is fun and easy. I used giant plastic globes, so there isn’t a worry about breakage like the more fragile glass kind, and the bigger globes are awesome because they really have impact! To get started, you just need a few supplies:

Globe ornaments with removable tops, Acrylic craft paint in dark purple, magenta, navy, black, and white ,Paint brushes, Sponge Pouncer Iridescent Blue Varnish

Paint glass globe ornament black for a DIY galaxy ornament

Start by carefully removing the ornament hanging part, and painting the globe ornament with black craft paint. This may take several coats for complete coverage.

Pounce blue paint onto black paint

While the paint is still wet, use a sponge pouncing brush to pounce on blue paint, blending it with the black, and creating soft edges.

Pounce on purple and magenta paint for DIY painted galaxy ornaments

Add magenta and purple paint the same way, pouncing black paint back on if needed, turning the ornament as you go.

Flick a brush with white paint to create stars on SIY galaxy ornaments #galaxycrafts

Once your paint is dry, drip an old brush in white paint, and use your finger to flick the bristles to create a spatter pattern to mimic stars and constellations.

Painted colors mottled to create a galaxy effect

You can see how the painted purples and blues and magenta all mix together to create a really fun mottled effect. Once you add the varnish, you really get a fun effect! You’ll want to dry your ornament with the ball standing upright. I found that a small paint bottle makes the perfect drying rack.

Add iridescent varnish to create shine

Once your paint is dry, use a soft brush to paint iridescent varnish in blue over the top of the ornament. This will deepen your colors and add a really cool opalescent-ish blue sheen to your surface.

Make a DIY painted galaxy ornament #galaxycrafts #paintedornamentDIY

You can see how it changes the paint from black to blue! It’s a pretty cool product. This is not a sponsored post, I just thought it was so fun.

Painted galaxy ornament on a clear globe #paintedornamentidea

Galaxy painted ornament


If you have a galaxy lover in your home, or even a Star Wars fan, or Doctor Who fan, this would be such a fun project to do. You could even personalize it with carefully placed paint dots if someone has a special constellation or zodiac sign!

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How to paint galaxy ornaments with acrylic paint. #galaxycrafts #DIYgalaxy #paintedgalaxy #DIYornamentideas