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Make nest-inspired flower pot treat boxes…..

No winter lasts forever, no Spring skips it’s turn- Hal Borland

Oh Hal, while that is quite witty, it does not explain it’s pokiness.

And, well, we just didn’t get enough snow this year… said no one in Chicago. Ever.

To bring in a spring vibe, I thought I would play around with some clay flower pots I had laying around. I thought it would be fun to somehow to turn them into some kind of container and with  left over supplies from other  projects. I came up with these cute clay pot treat boxes. They would be really cute for wedding favors, or shower favors. Or even just a cute place to keep special treats for yourself!

Make a fun treat box with a clay pot

I used new, clean, terracotta pots

Acrylic paint(Cream,brown,black,grey,blue)


Darice 6-Piece Paper Mache Eggs, 2.5-Inch

a mini-grape vine wreath

a vintage earring

hot glue

flower pot favor box 1

First I painted the pot with acrylic paint and let dry.

Use a wood grain stamp to make a faux birch bark lookThen I used my hot glue wood grain stamp to layer the colors to make the faux birch bark.

I rolled first with brown, then grey and then black and then I blended them all with a brush while the paint was still wet.

Gie a terracotta pot a woodgrain lookIf you don’t want to use a wood grain stamp,

you can also use this technique shown below of painting on lines in the different colors and blending.

Make lines in different earthy colors on the flower pot in wet paint oto make a birch bark lookWhile you pot is drying, you can start on the lid.

Paint a paper mache egg. I used blue and speckled it with brown.

How to make a lid out of rope for a flower potOnce that is dry, use hot glue to slowly glue and wind the rope around the egg. Carefully to not burn yourself  about 40 times like I did.

Make a lid for a terracotta pot out of ropeWhen you get to the size you need, start winding and gluing on the end rope a few turns to make a lip pf the lid.

Make treat boxes from a flower pot!

Once it’s dry and you have the right fit,glue our mini-grapevine wreath over the top of the egg to make it seem like it’s coming out of a nest,

a pretty vintage earring adorns a flower pot treat boxAnd I glued on a cute vintage earring to give it a little bling. I didn’t have any moss on hand, but you could add that too!

Use a rop for alid for these flower pot treat boxesAnd you’re ready to add your treats!

Use tissue paper to put your treats in. I used tissue paper to fill the flower pot a little higher and keep the candy away from touching any painted areas, even though they are wrapped.I used some of my secret stash of Rolos
because I liked the gold wrapper.

Yes I admit, between our food allergies (corn) and healthy eating, I try to make my family eat mostly organic and corn-syrup free. We try eat 80-90% organic,

but DO NOT mess with my ROLOS, which do not happen to fall into any of those categories and I can eat in secret while the kids are at school or in bed.

Make a fun treat box with a clay potHave fun with that special place to keep your secret treats 🙂

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  1. Jen, I love these! I work at an elementary school and I’m going to make these for all the teachers. We live in northeastern Indiana so we have had so many snow days and delays we’ve stopped keeping count. We are closed today also. I think these will be the perfect pick me up. Thanks for the great idea. Looking forward to seeing all the progress on your family room too.

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