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Mini-Deck Makeover with a New Black and White Outdoor Rug

The nicest thing about heading into the late summer season is that all of the spring and summer decor starts to go on sale.  I was walking around Hobby Lobby and came across all of their spring and summer on sale. The rugs were 60% off, so I grabbed one to do a mini-deck makeover with a new black and white outdoor rug. We still have a few months left to enjoy the outside, and I plan on it! Our old outdoor rug has seen quite a few seasons, and looked pretty worn. It was almost embarrassing.

Back deck area before makeover

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Especially with our new panel wall area. One side of the deck looked amazing, and the other looked kind of yuck. I almost grabbed two rugs, but I didn’t really have a need too unless it was to just be greedy.

mini-deck makevoer with new black and white outdoor rug on deck

All I really did was swap out the plant on the vintage marble table and change the rug out and it looks like an entirely new space! You can find a similar rug here.

Rocking chairs on patio

I added some of my own pillow designs to the rocking chairs, and just gave it a general sprucing up. I love the new outdoor rug! Do you see that brass lamp in the corner? It’s solar and so easy to make! You can see the DIY here.

Back deck and yard view

We really love sitting outside! The evenings are warm, and so far the bugs haven’t been too bad. It’s just been nice to really enjoy listening to the cicadas and crickets, and hanging out and chatting. Some nights I’ll sit outside and read.

Black and white rug on back deck and rocking chairs

You can shop our mini-deck makeover with a new black and white outdoor rug. Find the pillows here and here, a similar rug here, and a plant and white pot here.

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  1. I absolutely love the terra cotta and blue pillows. I would like I order some from the link you have here, but can I return them if the color doesn’t work with my room?

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