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Guest Bathroom with a Wood Ceiling Makeover

After a long period of procrastination, we finally gave a makeover to our guest bathroom with a wood ceiling. It was such a needed change after having no ceiling at all. We had considered leaving the ceiling open and just spray painting the rafters, and finally decided because it had a shower, we needed some kind of barrier. Of course that meant the rest of the bathroom needed a makeover too! I decided to really change it up, and paint the walls a deep, dramatic gray. Inspired by my friend, Susan at Kindred Vintage, I painted my vanity a fun rose color.

Bathroom makeover with pink vanity and wood walls

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Here’s a look at what the bathroom looked like before we added the wood ceiling and  painted the walls in Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore. It’s functional, but just kind of blah.

small guest Bathroom with wood ceiling before makeover

After the makeover, It’s like  completely different room! I had found some really fun European Scene wallpaper at Anthropologie at the end of this last year. I thought it would be fun for the small space like our guest bathroom because I would only need one roll. I almost bought this wallpaper instead, but I really loved how fun the different European sites were in this one. We have family in the UK and it reminds me of them. I also love how the wood ceiling grabs the gold tones from the wallpaper.

Anthropologie wallpaper and dark grey wall paint

It’s the traditional wet the back and activate the paste wallpaper. After installing, I decided I love installing the peel and stick removable kind like I put up in our kitchen so much more. I installed the wallpaper first, and then added a trim piece along the bottom and for a transition. This is image below is when I initially cut and fit the pieces. I then took them down and painted them the wall color before final installation.

Using a wood trim piece is the best way to transition wallpaper to a painted wall

Adding a wood trim piece is a great way to transition wallpaper to painted wall.

Pink bathroom vanity and dark gray wall anthropologie wallpaper

The small storage cabinet also got  a makeover a long with the vanity. The vanity and the cabinet were painted in Benjamin Moore Mudslide color number 2095-40. It’s a nice, mellow, yet deep rose. It really transformed them from the gray tones and created a nice contrast, really updating them. The pink pattern towels are from Target, and they just go so well! As you can see the cabinet is perfect for that extra TP storage!

Mudslide Benjamin Moore Rose Pink Canyon

On the vanity, I initially tried a Benjamin Moore color called Cappuccino, but it was just too light and too pink. In the end, I really loved Mudslide and felt it really went with the feel of the room. The other color reminded me too much of a girl’s bedroom.

Benjamin Moore Pink paint color

After the wood ceiling was installed and the walls were painted, I had some fun with accessorizing.

Guest bathroom with a wood ceiling makeover, dark painted walls and a pink vanity

This vintage thrift store mirror was an amazing find, and reflects light into the room. I was so excited when I found it and knew it would be perfect for the makeover. We had a little bit of ceiling wood left over that was turned into a floating shelf to go right underneath.

VIntage mirror in small bathroom in dark gray wall

A few amethyst and topaz colored crystals added a nice, simple and interesting touch with a fun textured candle.

Wood shelf and vintage mirror

On the other wall, I hung a vintage copper thermometer that I already had. I am not sure how old it is, but it still works!

Vintage thermometer on wall copper on Anthropologie wallpaper

A little humor in the bathroom is always fun too. This Good Job Poopin’ art print directly faces the “seated area”. There was a video we saw on IG and ever since that came out, it’s now a running joke in our home…we say this to each other all of the time when someone in our house comes out of the bathroom.  I am sure when guests sit down, and this is what they see, they think we are complete weirdos. You can find this digital art download in my online store.

Bathroom sign art

Our plants are happiest on the windowsill, and I like how they bring a little outdoors in and add interest to the windowsill. This room has such a dramatic but organic feel at the same time, I really love it.

Plant shelf on window

I know it took us a  lot of procrastinating and quite a few years, but the guest bathroom is almost done! We are pricing out glass shower surrounds and hope to do that in the fall.

Bathroom makeover with pink vanity and wood celing and dark gray walls and anthropologie wallpaper


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