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Spring Refresh with a Mirror over the Couch

Can you feel it? It’s almost here… Spring is in the air! Welcome March! Time to shake off the February funk’s! It’s always good to refresh one room and make it new. I find it really brightens my spirits! Some ideas are: moving furniture, pillows, pictures or just adding flowers. I chose my living room; it really needed a pick up.  I felt like everything was jammed in there. We had been so busy with the kitchen; that this room was just shoved back together and I really wanted a mirror over the couch.
Living room with yellow couches and cream walls

I swapped out the mirror from over my breakfast nook and the dresser for the computer area and moved the clock faces and I love the fresh and springy look it has! If you’re looking for tips to shop your house with, check out this post.
Mirror and colorful pillows on a yellow couch
 And then I added mismatched pillows for that springy “boho” look.  A trip to my quilting store and about $8 in fabric helped bring in the fresh spring feel.
Mirror over couch with books and pillows
 My wheels are turning on the walls… I think it’s time to paint again ( Did I just hear my husband cry?).
White milk glass and couch and pillows
Books on the bck of a couch
 The hutch was moved from the corner  and the wood dresser (that I still can’t bring myself to paint) went into the other room.
Vintage books for display
I moved my dictionary collection  from downstairs just under the mirror over the couch. I love the contrast of the different book covers.
vintage alram clock
I found the birdie candle at  a yard sale last year for a quarter.
Milk glass vase with fern
Lots of green and fresh…. I can’t believe I haven’t killed this fern yet.
Book and silver pitcher
One of my sweet reader’s, Pat, sent me this really inspiring book. I’ve been pouring over the pages at night. It fit perfectly in with the spring updating. Thank you Pat!
Some $4.99 Tulips from our Trader Joe’s and a vintage hotel service even made the perfect pretty accent layered on this dresser.  Flowers always make a room better automatically.
red tulips in a silver pot
 and I had to buy one potted tulip to last a bit longer, and brighten the space. I am a sucker for real flowers.  I am ready to be inspired for spring!

For another fun spring party, Stop over at Thrifty Decor Chick’s!

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  1. Your living room looks so bright and lovely! Such a cool combo of cottage, vintage and boho! Such a great party idea! It gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get my bathroom done and I’m so happy I did it!

  2. Oh my what a breath of Spring air your room has!! Such sweet changes here and there to make the room look so fresh!

    Thank you for letting me link to your lovely party!

    bee blessed

  3. Oh Jen….how utterly pretty…all the changes just make the room sing!!! Love the fresh tulips too…I can’t live without those this time of year…you must be so pleased…lots of love my dear friend! x0x0x0

  4. Your room is just beautiful, Jennifer!! It’s amazing how just a few little changes can really freshen a room up for us. Love the fresh tulips!
    I’ve been trying to join the party, but it keeps telling me that my thumbnail picture is too big, so I don’t know what I can do. 🙁 I’ve never come across this problem before. Any suggestions?
    Happy Monday!
    ~ Jo 🙂

  5. I thought there is no way you could improve house. It is so beautiful!

    But, I was wrong! Your house looks so refreshing! Thanks for your inspiration! Now I need to get off my derriere and refresh my own.

  6. You made me laugh out loud with the time to paint comment and that you think you heard your husband cry!…I’m experiencing similar reactions here, getting ready for my first ever studio tour and hubbie is more worried about me actually painting canvases than walls, but I want my place to look good too! Glad to know I’m not the only crazy person around! By the way, your room is beautiful!

  7. the mirror is brilliant…and the dresser is SO much nicer right there I think it makes the room look HUGE! love all the changes – and the the springy look –

    totally forgot about the party today…..try to get something together okay??

  8. Hello Jennifer,
    I really like how you freshened up your gorgeous room! I could only take close-up shots today, as my rooms need tidying up before a spring overhaul. 🙂
    Love your blog and am now following,

  9. love the mirror. and the dresser and the clock………

    you get my point. looks beautiful. i need to do this. i still have a couple snowmen up. yikes.

  10. Great party Jen! It was so much fun looking at all the Spring inspiration. Love your living room. Take care sweetie pie.

  11. Hi Jennifer!

    I just joined your linky party for the first time!
    I am still learning how to enlarge my photos without screwing everything up lol !!

    Love your blog!

    Pamela 🙂

  12. Jennifer your living room is beautiful and you have such pretty accessories! I think my favorite is the silver pitcher with the tulips. Have a great week, Martina

  13. I have a mirror exactly like yours that had belonged to my mother. I taped off and covered the mirror and sprayed it creamy white. It’s hung over my mantle now for many years and I still love it. Isn’t it heavier than it looks?

  14. Jennifer ~ I truly love the way you mix textures, colors, and prints! Very boho chic! LUV!!!! ♥ Thanks for this fun linky party, girl!

    xoxo laurie

  15. i wish i had a post ready for this, but the weekend threw me for a loop. oh well, i’ll just look at all the pretty things that everyone linked up. i love your tulips and that plant in the milk glass. i would never think of that! and the comment about your husband crying cracked me up, too!

  16. Hi Jen! The bigger mirror over the sofa is great! Also love the pillows and all the other little changes you made ~ wish our dining room painting was done in time to post for the party…that is happening Thursday. If the linky is still there I will put it up.

  17. Hi Jennifer-

    I love to see rooms refreshed – a tweak here and there is all you need sometimes to breath new life into our surroundings. Thanks for giving us the motivation. Your photos always look wonderful – I feel like I can grab those beautiful tulips right out of the photo. I linked up this morning, but had to run lots of errands – finally got a chance to come back.
    My best- Diane

  18. Hey Jennifer! Your living room is beautiful, and so refreshing. It looks like spring with all the pops of color and brightness. I really love the chair. Thanks for hosting this linky party- great idea 🙂
    Becky C

  19. Love what you did with your living room, Jennifer! I especially like the mirror and the vintage books behind your sofa.

  20. I just had a quick question (a little late to the party here), but I have been all over your blog and cannot find out what color your walls are? I just adore it and would like to find something similar for my new house. Could you help me?

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