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Decorating ideas for a basement family room

I wanted to share a few decorating ideas for a basement family room with you. I know you’ve seen it before, but we recently moved the furniture around. The kids needed more room to play the Wii, they were banging into each other. Many of you know we live in a typical split level house. You walk in the door to a main level with the kitchen,living room and dining area, and then go six steps up to the bedrooms, or 6 steps down to the sub-level, which has a bathroom, laundry room and a living area. That sub-level has our main family room.You can see it before we just changed it up here.

decorating ideas for a basement family room

One of the complements I have always received is when people are downstairs and say it doesn’t feel like a sub-level or a basement.For us, it’s  it’s 12 x 13 as nice space for the kids, and a main part of our daily living, so I strive to make it as cozy as possible.

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make with sub-level spaces, is they think because it’s a downstairs, it’s not as important as the upstairs. But, if you spend most of your time there, it’s even more important!

Make your basement family room cozy and welcoming

I added a flokati throw to our vintage chair and Target foot stool to add some texture. Our extra blankets and throws are in the big basket to the right. It’s perfect for grabbing one and snuggling up on the couch.

I also like to use full length curtains instead of those little chopped off cafe style curtains. I think it makes the space feel more luxurious and more like a real living area.

Add plants to a basment family room for greenery

We have a foundation ledge that goes around the room. To make the best use, I have family photos and plants in the windows; it’s nice to add a bit of greenery to add some life.

curtains and vintage sign, ways to make a basement family room more cozy and personable

I  love this vintage sign I found in Michigan. The curtains are from World Market. I love how the bright pattern really warms up the space.

Curtain hack for basements with a ledge

I wanted to share our curtain hack with you. Because of the ledge,I needed a curtain wall bracket that stuck out at least 6-8 inches. I could not find one reasonably priced, so I found cast iron plant hangers and used those. Since they have an open hook end, I just found a curtain rod that had a finial that had a groove that would sit on the bracket without sliding.

Curtain rod hack for basements

We have no problems opening and closing the drapery. Even if you have those up high traditional basement windows, add full length curtains. Even closed they make the space feel more complete.

Basement family room

The other trick, which you can use anywhere is for your furniture and curtains

(The polar bear pillow is in my Society 6 shop btw!).

Use a small wood block behind your furntiure legs so curtains can hang freely

I have a small block of 7-inch lumber behind each of my couch legs to keep them from sliding backward. This makes some space behind the couches and against the wall to allow my drapes to hang freely.

Cozy basement family room

In the other corner of the room are our two couches. A right-hand sectional will be one of the next items on our shopping list, but for now we just make do with the two couches for seating. It makes for cozy family time. 🙂

The other trick is to add lots of light by adding glass! My husband calls our house the “house of mirrors”.

Cozy basement family room use mirrors to reflect light

It is partially true, but they reflect so much light it makes a dim space seem so much brighter.

With the two couches, we needed a skinny side table. I ended up taking the cart from this post from Michaels and taking the wheels off.

Use a cart with no wheels for a side table

It makes a nice little side table and I like the multiple shelves for books and magazines.

The glass lamp is from Birch Lane.

Use a cart with no wheels as a side table in a tight space

I hope you enjoyed  our little room tour and decorating ideas for a basement family room!

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  1. Seriously the cutest basement EVER!! I love the curtains, they make it seem like it’s not even a basement!!!! The couches, fireplace..so cozy & BRIGHT!!! I STRUGGLE with this exact issue in our lower level..I’ll be adding some glass & mirrors soon now haha! Also pry the most VALUABLE TIP EVER..the wood behind the couches..AHH I literally go insane with having the couches slip even with other ways of trying to keep them from getting pushed against the wall & then the curtains hang funny grr.. AWESOME TIPS, and even better space!! Happy Wednesday friend!


  2. Love your space. It is hard to believe it is a basement area! I do have a question. When layering multiple photos on a shelf, do you have any ideas to keep them from sliding forward and to the floor?

    1. Hi Terri.I like to put a little square of double sided foam tape on the bottoms.It keeps them from sliding and you can’t really see it. I do this on my hanging wall items too. Just make sure you use the one that’s for painted surfaces.

  3. I have similar “bumper” wood blocks behind our love seat, but we cut a notch in one end of each block so it wouldn’t slide away from the leg (or vice versa).

  4. Literally so many good ideas! I love the ledge that goes around the room. Those are beautiful. And your trick for curtain rods! I so needed this. I like to layer blinds with curtains but because our windows have to have outer mounted blinds, the curtains always bulge some. You’re literally a genious.

  5. I love how bright and airy your basement looks. My favorite is the plant hangers you used to hang the curtain rod. So clever.

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