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For your next party,paint outdoor art you can actually leave outside

One of the things that makes summer  fun is parties! Pool parties, cook outs, and just getting together with the neighbors and family. I wanted to share a fun summer party idea for painting outdoor art!

HOw to paint a weather proof out door flower painting for deck and porch decor

With your next cookout,pool party, or  gathering, grab some brushes, open some cans of Decoart’s Outdoor Living paint line ,and host a paint your own outdoor art party! You’re already outside so why not?I am going to walk you through the painting I made, so you can make your own, like I did for this pumpkin painting.

The Decoart Outdoor Living colors you’ll need are (suggestions):

Garden Party






Lily pad


Frosted Glass

Lady bug

Iron gate

And you’ll want a sheet of thin plywood from the home improvement store. Mine is 3 x 3 and was about $4.

This way it can stay outside.

Paint two blue tones on baord

First paint Poolside and Frosted glass on your wood.Using the darker blue near the top, and blending the lighter color in. Make sure you paint the back to seal the piece.

Paint green paint for a base

Once that’s dry, add Lily pad to the bottom for grass.

Use different shade of blue and green to make grass and flower stems

Let that dry, and use Lily Pad,Succulent,Iron gate and Adirondack to make stems and grass. Make sure to vary the height.

Grass and flower stems

Once those are dry, you are going to add the base of your flowers by making circles.

Start painting flowers by making circles

I used Harvest for these.

Add color to cirlces to make flowers

Then I added  Wildflower and Lady bug to the circles.

Keep painting cirlces

I then used Adirondack, Succulent,Lady bug,Garden party and Iron gate. I mixed and matched the colors.

Start blending paint to make flowers for you outdoor art

Then use short, downward strokes to blend paint to make  the flowers.

Belnding paint to make flowers for outdoor art

Keep them short so your paint doesn’t become muddy, and slightly layer them a bit.

Making flowers by blending paint

Once you have your flowers blended, you can add highlights like I did with the same short strokes using Sable, going over the top a bit.

Highlight your flower petals with cream paint

And then go back and make random dots. with random colors all over your artwork to fill in the spaces.

I also added a round circle near the top to make a sun.

Have a paint party this summer and make outdoor art

Your party might look a little like this by the time you’re done,but everyone will have had fun making some great art they can take home and enjoy, that they can leave outside!

Once it’s dry, you can add a hanger to the back and hang!

Host an outdoor painting party

Now, not only do you have some awesome outside art you can leave outside,and hang for your next party,but so do your guests.

hanging outside with a drink

Grab your cute mason jar and a drink, and enjoy your custom art.

OUtdoor deck decor

I added a cute table runner I found to my Adirondack chair.

Host aparty where you paint outdoor art

You can find Decoart’s Outdoor Living paint for all of your outdoor art  and other painting projects here.

If you like this artwork,you can find it on  a pillow and other products here.

Summer flowers pillow by Jennifer Rizzo

Jen signatureThis post is  sponsored by Decoart

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  1. This is really cute! The step by step instructions are great. I did the pumpkin painting & it turned out pretty good. Actually, my pumpkin was centered on the canvas which made the picture too perfect, it needs something else to make it look proper. I have to add something to it for me to to totally happy! But, I loved the step by step process, thanks for your creativity & inspiration to paint. I do have another canvas waiting to be used….wonder what it will be ??

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