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Creating a Custom Blue and Orange Christmas Tree

I knew I wanted something different for my tree this year. You know you’re in trouble when you have a certain color ornament in mind, and you can’t find any of the colors on a single on-line shopping site. I was inspired to base my tree on my living room rug this year, and I not only combed through Wayfair for the right shade of blue and orange ornaments, but Amazon, Joss and Main and even a few other sites. After not finding anything I liked, I decided I had to take matters into my own paint brush and work on making ornaments for creating a custom blue and orange Christmas tree.

Painting clear glass globes to make custom ornaments

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Painting clear glass ornaments with chalky finish paint

Using paint to create your own custom color combination or ornaments is easy

I started by buuying clear, plastic ball ornaments with removable tops so I knew they would easily take paint. I started by painting half of the ornaments the orange plastic ornaments in Cameo Chalky Finish paint. I have a hard time finding blue ornaments in the color I wanted. Thre were a lot of navy colored ones, and some turquoise. There are a lot of blue colors to choose from and I really wanted more of a light aqua/sky blue color and ended up painting athe blue ones in Preservation  with a soft brush. I liked using the chalk paint because they had a little bit of a texture to them an it was easy to choose my color scheme and create a custom ornament collection.

Painting plastic ornaments in chalky finish paint

Some of them I paint ornaments I painted and completely coated, for a matte finish and others I made an abstract brush strokes only on the bottom. I was excited by how they were such fun and bright colors.

Adding glitter to wet ornaments Creating a custom blue and orange Christmas tree

While some of the orange ornaments were still wet, I added copper glitter for a little sparkle. Sparkle always makes the holiday season a little more cheerful and festive.

Copper and orange painted ornaments

It added some nice dimension and color, such as when I made these modern rustic glitter ornaments. These would also be gorgeous in an emerald green or on a gold Christmas tree!

Let glitter ornaments dry on dowel rods in bottles

I placed dowel rods in bottles to let the ornaments dry upright. This helps to keep the paint and glitter from smearing.

Paint glitter paint on ornaments for a Creating a custom blue and orange Christmas tree

I added some glitter paint I had left over from this post to add some sparkle to the blue Christmas decorations as well.

Once they were dry, I brushed some of them  with clear varnish to seal them and make them a little more scratch-proof, and others with teal Iridescent Varnish to add a pretty sheen to the outside, and attached ornament hangers.This is easily becoming one of my favorite ideas for creating a custom Christmas tree.

Adding the Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY glitter ornaments

I hung most of the ornaments on the tree, but I also added a few glitter ornaments to my mantel.

Orange and blue modern colorful Christmas tree idea

I love the pop of color on my tree. I noticed my star is a little wonky, but it has a certain kind of charm. I added accents of flocked tree branches, and gold neutrals.I did weave a ribbon in the branches for a garland to add another layer. And finally mixed in a few mercury glass gold and silver ornaments in the branches which to me are always classics. I wish I had a few pinecones to tuck in too. In think they would add to the natural and custom holiday decor look.

Colorful boho Christmas tree Jennifer Rizzo

I did straighten it for the holiday housewalk picture. This year, I used a faux fur blanket as my tree skirt.

Trending Christmas colors orange and blue

Painting inexpensive globe ornaments is a great way to get a custom look on your tree, because there are so many possibilities! I hope creating a custom blue and orange Christmas tree gives you a little inspiration to make your own custom decorated tree too!