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Dining room before and after…using every square foot….

I found this really old picture of our dining room area from when the kids were little.
DIning area painted red
When we first moved in it was red. Deep, dark 2001 red.
Then I tried to lighten it up…
This was after I had decorated it in early Pottery Barn/Tuscan theme Via 2000.
This was when I was barely keeping my head above water as you can tell…..
Once the kids got big enough that I could actually take a breath, it was time for a total over haul including moving the table and changing the entire scheme!
We added adding the board and batten trim and lightening the color, it made the entire room look brighter and more interesting, not to mention not so prison-like.
Eat in area with sitting nook and Thomas Paul drapery fabric.
And by adding in a kitchen nook area, it opened up the whole space from having it smack dab in the middle.
Kitchen nook area
It just makes me so happy now to have a lighter and brighter space. As the kids got bigger, it needed another overhaul.
Dining rom with vintage educational map
And has been through a bunch of changes as the season has changed.
Bohemian fall dining room
It’s kind of nice to be able to change around the cozy space.
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  1. Oh my goodness, the difference! The old one is dark despite the big sliding doors, but the trasformed one is so cosy, that I want to invite myself for a coffee!

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