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A Solution for Useless Bathroom Ceramic Holders

Looking for a solution for toothbrush and cup holders grouted into your bathroom tile? I had the same problem( Ahh, the joys of an older house!). Who came up with that idea? There’s nothing like leaving your tooth brushes out in the open next to the potty for some good clean germ free fun?! These two little useless ceramic holders just ended up serving no purpose except collecting dust. They really weren’t big enough for much of anything. A toothbrush doesn’t even fit in the holes. Our bathroom has gone through some huge renovations since this post You can see it here. But here is an easy solution for those Useless Bathroom Ceramic Holders.
useless Cermic tile holders in wall and how to cover them

Short of busting out the wall, I found a stock shelf made of crown molding with an open back, and used these little guys below to adhere it. I LOVE them and use them for everything I can’t put a nail into… 4 squares will hold a pound. Even though they say they are permanent, I’ve never had a problem getting them off a wall when I need to. These are kind of like little squares of sticky magic.
Foam mounting sqaures for over tile
I painted the molding black to match my mirror and placed these all along the back. I used about 9. Better safe than sorry.
Using heavy duty self glue strips
I then balanced the shelf on the holders and stuck it tight. I did have to cut off one side of the overhang on the shelf so it would fit properly. If I were to do it again or had more molding expertise, I would build on to go over the holders instead of on them. Like a cover.
Shelf over ceramic tile holders
The white I thought was too bright and stuck out; I used a product called Enamels by Folk Art in black. Have you used this? It’s an air dry ceramic/glass paint  product. You can use it on tile and other things and is fairly durable .My girlfriend used it on her kitchen tile and it’s still there 3 or 4 years later with out a scratch. It comes in about 7 or 8 colors and they mix pretty well together. Now we have much more usable shelf space and no more Useless Bathroom Ceramic Holders.
Adding a shelf over useless ceramic holders in a bathroom



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  1. I am going to Home Depot right after work to get my supplies & put this shelf up in my bathroom. I never would’ve thought to do this & it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing

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