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Simple Fall Grapevine Wreaths

When I was at Michael’s the other day, I found these cute grapevine wreaths for $3.99 each.I think they are perfect to make some simple fall grapevine wreaths to decorate the back of chairs!

decorating with grapevine wreaths

The one thing I love about grape vine wreaths is that they are so inexpensive and so versatile! Did you know you can make your own grapevine style wreath with fresh, young maple branches? This project was very simple. With all of the fall things on sale, it was easy to use a ribbon to hang them and stick a .99 floral pick in them.

Add wreaths for the back of your chairs for fall decor

I used then again for chair decor by decorating them with vintage style house numbers, some fun chevron ribbon, and a really big and cute burlap flower.  These simple fall grapevine wreaths look so cute hanging on the back of the chairs!

simple fall Grapevine wreaths with house numbers on them

On the black chairs, I did put a little eye hook in the back of my chair to hang them, but one of those stick on hook would probably work just as well. Tor my farmhouse style chairs, I just looped the ribbon surround and pinned it. They are really lightweight.
They are so inexpensive,  cute and really dress up the chairs!
grapevine wrath and sider webs
Grapevine is so versatile in decor! Using a garland can really bring in the fall feeling, like with this spooky halloween mantel.
Mantel decor with grapevine wreath and fairy lights
Grapevine wreaths made with finer wood can even be uncurled to create a vase like this nest-inspired vase.
Grapevine nest inspired vase with grapevine wreath


The other thing about grapevine wreaths is that you can either change out what’s on them to change out the seasonality, or they store well from year to year. Just bag them up and put them away until you area ready for them next year.

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