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Sink area mini-makeover with brass towel bar under the sink

The brass towel bar came for under the kitchen sink finally came, and I am so exited to share it with you! I was finally able to do a mini-makeover. Once I changed out our hardware, I wanted to replace the towel bar I have under the sink for dish towels, but I couldn’t seem to find one that I liked. I finally found  the perfect one at Schoolhouse Electric! I get a lot of questions about having a towel bar where the faux drawer front is. I put it in after we did our kitchen in 2010, because I got so tired of trying to find a good place for my dish towels to dry, without being in the way.I know, that sounds like such a 1950’s, housewifey problem, doesn’t it? I love having it there, and many of you have asked me if I notice it when I do dishes. I actually don’t notice it at all, and it makes such a good use of a useless area. The only issue I have with it is the kids can’t seem to put the towels back(imagine that). That’s more of a laziness problem, because it works fine for me when I hang them up.

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I also painted the area around our window a pretty gray color to add some contrast. I am still looking for a new light fixture,I’ll share it with you when I find the right one. I love how this little area is shaping up ( update: you can see the new light fixture here.).

Here’s a look at the sink area from last summer. This was before  the cabinets were repainted.

It still amazes me how a different shade of white paint can transform a room.

And, this brass towel bar from Schoolhouse Electric makes me so happy!

I love the idea of a towel bar under the sink mounted on the fake drawer!

I think just those simple things really changes the entire look! I wish I had painted the inside sill and the trim of the window sooner. I love how it frames the outside, almost like it’s art. I even painted the edge of the screen. It was metal, so a satin enamel paint worked perfectly.

KItchen sink with brass towel bar mounted underneath. What a great way to keep your dish towels dry!

I also love how the brass towel bar mimics the shape of the cabinet pulls.

Kitchen sink with brass towel bar underneath

It has such a great patina too!

Brass towel bar under sink to hang dish towels on to dry.

The brass towel bar has pretty matching screws too. I love the industrial rustic look it has.

Kitchen sink with gray painted window and brass towel bar under sink. What a great use of the fake drawer under the sink.

You caught me on the last picture! It was the first one I took, and I forgot to put our sponge away. See, I really do wash dishes here!

I think it was a great update for just a little effort, and  I am so happy to have it so fresh looking!

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