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Amazing Painted Porch Makeover

The porch makeover turned out amazing!!!!  I thought I would kick it off by giving you the total transformation of the porch/walk through area. In fact, I am going to call it the I am even going to let you see the super-ugly picture I wouldn’t share in the beginning because it was so bad!!!  This is the beginning.It was taken this last March
The porch roof had to be constantly repainted because of Chicago’s weather, and you can see where one of the guys helping with the new roof  stepped through the underside last year and it had to be patched.The light was in a really awkward place and old, and didn’t really do much except glow a bit.
The Oak hosue porch transformation
The concrete had been painted so many times, it was a mess. It was a sad porch. I was a sad porch owner.
The first thing we did was add metal fascia to the porch ceiling to eliminate painting issues and protect it from the weather.
Porch transformation at the Oak house project ceiling updated with metal
 and then we had our electrician move the electric to the center of the porch,and add a light to the front where there wasn’t one. I found lights at the Habitat from Humanity ReStore and gave them a make over.
It was much much better and brighter,but the concrete was still a mess!!! We knew we wanted to do it last with all of the construction we were going to be doing.
Painting a porch with renewing paint
We decided to try Rust-Oleum Restore to freshen things up. It’s very thick and you spread it more like a paste with a special roller than painting it on like paint. My hubby said he was glad he watched some youtube videos on it first. It took him 2 days to do both coats, and then we waited a day to walk on it.
Painting a porch to renew it
Two coats later, I can’t believe the difference! It looks amazing!!!
Amazing porch transformation and painted concrete floor and porch
 It even covered areas where the old paint was starting to flake or was missing all together.
it went right over the top! Doesn’t it look beautiful?? It makes for an amazing porch makeover!
How to paint cold concrete
Everything is a beautiful solid surface! It’s like a whole new porch!
Looking back at the old pictures, I can’t believe the difference!
I can’t wait to show you the rest of the house this week!
I was partially compensated for this post. Opinions are all my own,and so is that sweet porch…for now.

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  1. The cement floor really looks amazing! Such a huge difference! Love the ceiling and the light fixture – very nice cottage feel. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house!
    Have a Lovely Day,
    Pieced Pastimes

  2. Hi Jen,
    It is gorgeous now. We used that restore and I love it. It makes a big difference. I can’t wait to see the rest of the house. Love how inviting the porch is now.

  3. Hi! This looks great. I am planning to do the same thing to our concrete patio this weekend. Do you remember the color you used? Thanks!

    1. HI Ashley,I think it was called cape cod gray. Just so you know, it does not go on like paint, you end up spreading it more.

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