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Vintage Pharmacy Bottle Inspired Vases

I’ve always love the look of Vintage Pharmacy Bottles. There’s something about the old bottles, with vintage numbers right on them that has such a pretty, nostalgic feel to them. I used vintage bottled with flowers in them a few years ago for a spring collection I launched called Sparrow and Blossom. Vintage bottles can be hard to find, and expensive, so  I thought re-creating Vintage Pharmacy Bottle Inspired Vases with new or recycled bottles would be an easy and less expensive way to make them.

Numbers stamped on glass bottles


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Stamped on bottles to make them look vintage

While many labels on vintage pharmacy bottles were paper labels, many times the numbers were embossing directly onto the glass. I thought that stamping directly on the bottle with some vintage number stamps would be an easy way to pay homage to the vintage pharmacy bottles but make them look a little newer and cleaner.

Use Stayzon to stamp on glass bottles

I found all looking number stamps , and I used Midnight Blue colored StayzOn stamp pad. I use StayzOn for a lot of projects because it’s a permanent ink that once it’s on, it’s going to do what it’s name says which is.. stay on. If I scrub super hard the letters will come off, but they aren’t going to just rub off from regular use. Because it’s permanent, make sure to remove any excess right away.

Stamping on new bottles to make them look old

When stamping the glass make sure that the bottles are completely clean of oil and dirt. When stamping, it helps to “roll” the stamp on (you can see how in the video.).  It makes it go on a little smoother, and you get all the sides of the stamp as supposed to stamping straight down on a curved service.

Numbers stamped on glass bottles

Let them dry according to directions and they are ready to use! I decided to add my Vintage Pharmacy Bottle Inspired Vases on my mantle with some Stock from the grocery store. I love Stock because it just smells so sweet without being overpowering.

Gold mirror and Vintage Pharmacy Bottle Inspired Vases on mantel for spring

I really can’t wait for spring and flowers here, so I just had to go buy myself a couple of bunches of flowers at the grocery store this last weekend to bring in some pretty color to the house and style on my mantel.

Glass bottles and stock on fireplace mantel

We’re just a few weeks away from spring and planting and I just can’t wait!

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  1. I love it, all of it! Your stamped vintage pharmacy bottles are charming and quite authentic-looking. Displayed on your mantel and filled with lovely stock (one of my spring favorites) they create a delightful spring look. Thank you for sharing!

  2. HI, I absolutely LOVE your ideas. I’m trying to find the number rubber stamps that you used for the vintage bottle tutorial, but I can’t seem to find the ones you used. Please help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Frankie,
      The ones I used I found at HObby Lobby. I’ll see if I can find the brand name for you.

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