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Vintage work bench re-purposed as a potting table

This was my grandpa’s work bench. While we didn’t need a workbench in our garage I thought it would be fun to use the vintage work bench repurposed as a potting table and be able to have a place to re-pot my plants and keep garden tools and supplies.
Re-purpose a work bench as a potting bench

 Grandpa was an old school hunter and fisherman. The board underneath It was an old butcher table that he used for years and years for all of the game he brought home. I know it’s at least 60 years old if not even older.
He passed away when I was around 10 years old, it stayed with everything else in my gram’s house till she passed at age 98 just a few years ago.
Work bench repurposed as a potting table
A friend of ours is going to cover the top with metal for us. Even though it’s going to be in a protected area, I am glad since it’s going to be living outside for the most part.
Vintage glass jars
my aunt’s old pickle jars  live on the bottom shelf; she used to use them as cloches in early spring. They are very dear to me, not only because she used them, but they are so hard to find now.
vintage work bench repurposed as a potting table. Moss in pots make such a pretty accent.
My hubby is happy because it will keep me from repotting my plants on the deck.
Vintage bottle carrier for plants
I love this vintage bottle carrier found at the flea market.  It’s perfect to hold my seedlings and ready-to-plants.
Moss in pots for display
A bit of moss in a pot for texture is pretty and feels so fresh. Luckily our patio grows plenty of free moss (enough to make a patchworkpath).
 I am so glad I could use this vintage work bench repurposed as a potting table.
Different types of basil planted together
I can’t wait to put this basil in from the farmers market. We are still a few weeks out from our last frost date, but I just couldn’t resist it even though I have to cover it at night. It just smelled so good and I am ready for all of my gardening. it cna’t come fast enough! I am jealous of all of you who already have garden season at full speed!
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