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My living room and Gathered Truths box

I recently  freshened up  my living room a bit for spring. It’s nice to be able to add some flowers and pillows and make a small change to  brighten everything up, especially since we were hit with a huge snow storm this weekend.

Living room for spring

I found the hyacinths at my grocery store and they just smell amazing.

Hyacinth picture

and they keep blooming too!

A reader on Instagram asked me about the black box on my coffee table.

Spring livng room and quote box

I bought it a few years ago at Old Glory in Colorado on one of my trips to visit Jeanne.

They are called 365 Gathered Thoughts .

I saw the last year they were one of Oprah’s favorite things. What can I say? I have amazing taste.

They are a box of quotes and I love how each time I can go and randomly pull a card form the box full of wisdom or inspiration. 🙂

Quote card

J.hawes quote card

Ameil quote

And I also love how the card stock looks. Sometime they are a bit worn looking, which I love because sometimes I feel that way too.:)

I know they are mostly wholesale, but I did find them for you.

They come in a cream box and a black box.

I’ve also seen at some shows were people break up the box and sell the quote cards for $1 a piece. That’s a pretty good profit.

I thought about doing that, but I love my box too much to so that.

Gathered thoughts notepad

There is also the 100 Gathered Thoughts notepad
which I have and love as well. There is just something about the paper and the little tear-off quotes at the bottom of the page. I’ve learned I have a thing for paper goods.

It’s almost as bad a mugs.

Jen signature

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  1. I’m starting to want to brighten things up a bit, too. That flower is just the right touch…maybe I’ll visit my grocery store today! I’m hoping spring makes her appearance early this year… What is it about us that makes us wish for the next season? Thank goodness God has it all planned out for us!

  2. Your room looks so warm and cozy. Love your area rug!!! Don’t know what I would do with our grocery store flowers this time a year! I have a vase of sunflowers on my dining table now. They help get me through the winter chill until I can get out in the gardens again:)

  3. I too intend to add a spring touch to my home after a dreary, no sunshine season here in IL. I have 2 large framed prints, one of an octopus, the other a seahorse. They’ll be going up on the wall soon, just as soon as I get the gumption to wash the walls first and do a bit of spring cleaning!

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