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Make a NEST Banner for Spring and Summer Decor

Spring is here and it’s almost Summer! It’s a great time to make some handmade home decor such as a nest banner! Paired with a few birds nests, and spring flowers, and it makes a pretty mantelscape or banner to hang around the house.

Flowers in bottles by Jennifer Rizzo

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I love styling my vintage bottles on the mantle top with some grocery store flowers to bring a bit of spring in before the flowers bloom outside. These flowers are called Stock. They are so delicate, and smell so sweet. Displayed on vintage books, they look so pretty paired with a nest banner. You can learn how to paint a nest here, or you can also pair it with this free nest printable on a spring mantel.

Make a nest banner free printable

I’ve included the printable letters for you below. It’s as easy as right clicking and saving to your computer and then printing it out on white card stock.

I used an edge puncher to make the sides a bit fancier.

Use an edge puncher to fancy up some paper edges

Use a hole punch at the corner of each printed letter. If you want to reinforce them, or add some color, you can use metal or colored eyelets. Once I added grommets/eyelets at the top, I pulled my ribbon through (you can also use twine or string.). I made a few of these banners and did both to mix it up a bit. If you haven’t used eyelets before you can buy a kit that has everything you need.

Use grommets on the edge paper to make a sturdier banner

After that you can just hang and display.

You may want to resize them depending on the size of your card stock and the size you want to make your total banner.


letter fancy n printableletter fancy eletter fancy s printableletter t free printable

After the nest banner, if you are looking for a fun craft to do with your kids, you can try this chocolate basket.

I know this is one of my kids’ favorite projects because it means they get to eat chocolate though the entire thing. They love any project that involves candy.

What’s your favorite way to craft for springtime?




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  1. My favorite Spring is to get outside and gather the new blossoms of violets, pussy willow, narcissus and daffodils… well, everything that blooms! LOVE Spring!!! Thanks for the awesome chance! Blessings!

  2. My favorite way is to get outdoors with the kiddos…walks, the park, etc and we start to grill out which I always miss after a long winter couped up in the house! The kiddos soak in all the outdoor goodness too! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  3. My favorite way to celebrate springtime is to get out into the garden as often as I can.

  4. Thank you so much for the cute printables. Would love to have all the letters of the alphabet.

  5. We celebrate the beginning of spring by going to our local farm and picking strawberries.

  6. We celebrate Springtime by having barbecues, and working out in the garden and riding bikes and going on picnics at the park!

  7. My favorite way to celebrate springtime is to go for long bike rides with my family to local parks and then have a picnic outside.

  8. We love to get outside and play and work in our yard when spring comes around.

  9. Our favorite way to celebrate spring time is enjoying the outdoors and heading out to the parks.

  10. I celebrate Spring by hanging out with my friends by the pool, having a good time barbequing, and just spending quality time with my

  11. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to get outside with the kids and have a bbq.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  12. We like to celebrate spring by getting outdoors again for our nature walks.
    thank you

  13. I really love to start working out outside again. Jogs and walks with my kiddos are my fav!

  14. My favorite way to celebrate springtime is gardening with kids.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  15. I celebrate spring by spending as much time as I can outdoors enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.

  16. My kids and I love to plant a garden. It’s great growing our own veggies and flowers and we enjoy it all through the spring & summer.

  17. I plant lots of flowers in the spring, for a beautiful garden all summer long.

  18. I celebrate spring by planting my annual herb garden. That and several bottles of wine to brighten the spring afternoon.

    Hope to win!

  19. I celebrate spring by walking in the local botanic garden with friends, enjoying all of the beautiful and fragrant flowers.

  20. making strawberry shortcake and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches – yummy spring treats!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  21. Spring means the start of softball season for us. We spend almost every weekend in spring and summer on a softball field. It’s so much fun!!

  22. I celebrate spring by planting new flowers and shrubs, I love flower gardening so spring is my favorite season.

  23. I love to celebrate by getting our yard and garden in tip top shape and getting everything all cleaned up and pretty!

  24. Start reconnecting with the neighbors, head to the park, or take an early in the season trip to the beach.

  25. My favorite way to celebrate springtime is to start organizing my garden and begin planting.

  26. One of my favorite ways to celebrate spring is to get out to the park with the kids, eat lots of fruit and takes lots of photos!! 🙂

  27. My favorite way is getting the lawn and backyard in shape and getting the gutter cleaned. BBQ season is starting and I want everything ready for outdoor time.

  28. I love planting lots of veggies to grow for the rest of the year!


  29. I love to go to the mountains and into the woods and do some backpacking or hiking. The woods are beautiful this time a year and so is the weather.

  30. I love nothing more than sitting in the bleachers cheering for my 2 grandsons’ little league teams and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

  31. My favorite way to celebrate Spring is just to be outside. Whether it’s just sitting for a few minutes while I drink my coffee or a trip to the zoo or the lake just being outside is wonderful. I especially like to plant flowers that have scents that remind me of my childhood.

  32. I celebrate Spring by starting my garden and eating the first asparagus of the season.
    Thanks for the contest.

  33. I like to go outside and take photos of all of the beautiful things in nature.

  34. My favorite way to celebrate Spring is to start having family picnics at the local duck pond and enjoying the weather.

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