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Make a mini dress form with a paper mache mannequin….

 So, what can you do with a wood candle stick with the top cut off, a cardboard mini -bust  and a wood plaque?

 Make a mini dress form with a paper mache mannequin!

Make a mini-dress form with a candlestick and paper mache mannequinbust for jewelry display and more!(This post contains affiliate links)

To start, cut the top off of the candlestick and save it for a future project when you just know you are going to need it…Use regular tacky glue and hot glue.  The hot glue  keeps it together while the tacky glue dries. You can find supplies for this project here.

Glue the wood bases together and the paper mache mannequin bust on top to create a DIY mini dress form

It’s so simple and easy. It would be great for jewelry display! In the photo next to the mannequin, I glued an architectural piece onto a wood base to create a decor item.

Make a cute mini dress form with just a few craft store pieces!

I made this one as a  mini Christmas dress form! You can paint this anyway you would like, you can also use the paper mache mannequin to make Santos Dolls.

Cute mini dress form! So esay to make!

A little vintage bling and she’s all wrapped up snug in a box for her trip to Kentucky!

Pretty embellishment with a vintage earring!

This was so easy to make, under $10 and you could do this for any season too.
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  1. So funny that I just saw this Jennifer. I found an old dress form about that size that was made of plaster with a beautiful texture. I gave it a quick coat of paint then put it on a stand like you did and I am so happy with the results! I have to look for the paper mache one next!
    Thanks for all your inspiration and I love your book 🙂

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