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Playset Makeover Reveal

I am so excited to share our playset makeover reveal with you! It’s been so much fun to renovate, and turn our old playset into more of a teen hang out/clubhouse with my girls. I love that I’ve been able to spend time with them building and using tools, and that my Middle helped with the design process. If you don’t remember, this is how our playset started off:

Playset before makeover

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We got a lot of good years out of it,  but it was now such a sad playset. We had a ton of rotten boards, and it wasn’t very functional for our teens. We replaced boards, gave it a good cleaning, built a lower deck, a new awning,and painted. Once it had a fresh coat of paint using the HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer (you can see how we did that here at the HomeRight blog.), it was ready for the fun part!

We added new landscaping, hammock chair swings, and decorated. You can also read here why replacing the canopy caused a fair amount of swearing.

Renovated and updated playset makeover

We also stenciled the new lower deck with navy paint. I love the new deep saturated colors, like we used in our bathroom makeover.

You can take a video tour of the renovation, or skip past to see the rest of the makeover.

Stenciled lower deck on a playset

The playset renovation took us about a month. We often had to work around the rain.

Playset makeover to a teen hangout

You can see the paint colors we used in this post.

Making a playset into a teen hangout

We kept the decor simple. We stenciled a smaller version of the lower deck pattern on top as a small painted “rug” with some floor pillows, a cool table we built ( check out how we made it here.), and a chalkboard where they could write notes.

KIddie playhouse into teen hangout

We even added a live plant!

Making a teen hang out from an old playset

We also had some other fun elements we picked up on sale with summer close outs.

Food cover as a faux light

We found this fun cover that goes over foods a picnics, and with a string of wood beads, turned it into a faux chandelier.

Faux light made from a woven basket

The swings were swapped out for some fun hanging chair hammocks.

Chair hammocks for a teen hangout on an old playset

We did keep one old swing on the very end just in case.

Playset renovation into teen hangout

With the landscaping, after spreading mulch, we added a few hanging and regular planters,

Hanging basket of flowers on a teen clubhouse

and a few solar lanterns add some light as the sun starts to go down.

Solar lanterns in a teen hangout

Inside of teen hangout

I love that they are already using it, and Little spends time in the chairs reading, or hanging out in the upper deck.

Makeover and old playset into a teen hangout

We found this sign, and thought it was perfect for the blank wall area.

Stay a while sign in teen playset clubhouse

We want to add some flower boxes to hang on the old climbing wall, but that project will come another day.

Fun sign for a clubhouse

Makeover the swingset into a teen hangout

We are so happy we gave the old playset a makeover instead of just tearing it down. It will be nice to get a few more years out of it! I sat in the hammock chairs the other day, and really loved just hanging out in them myself!

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  1. What a great project, I’d like to play on this playset! Your use of blue and white in its different iterations is so bright and inviting. The cushy little nook is adorable! Our son has been transferred and to our delight, will be moving to our area bringing our 4 grandchildren within miniutes of our home. I’m showing this to the hubs, I think he and his brothers must build something similar in our backyard.

    1. Thank you so much Judy! The girls really love it, and it looks so much better in our yard!

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