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Recycled paper fringe trees

Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of scissors before? I have. I bought a pair of fringe scissors last year and never even opened the package.Cleaning my supply area, I decided to crack them open and give them a try.  I ended up making some recycled paper fringe trees.

Easy to make and fun recycled paper fringe trees!

Holy cow. These things are amazing! I knew immediately I needed to make something with them so I immediately started trying all kinds of paper I already had and made little trees to see what would work best.

I promise. You will love these things!

First, wrap your dowel rods in cork pattern ribbon to make a faux wood trunk. I found mine at Michaels in the main ribbon aisle,

Wrap the dowel rod in corck printed ribbon for a trunk look on recycled paper fringe trees .

but if you can’t find it there, you can also find it here.

Use fringing scissors to make trees from old Christmas cards and other paper

I first fringed my recycled Christmas cards the entire length of the scissors.Once I did that, I also did a smaller fringe along the top on the opposite side so the paper would bend easier.Be careful not to cut all of the way through the other side.

The I added glue and started to wrap around a dowel rod.

Use a dowel and fringed paper to make Fringe trees with old Christmas cards

Rolling tightly as I went.

small fringing at the top to make the paper wrap more easily for recycled paper fringe trees

I started at the bottom with one layer and then I worked upward. I also used super thick tacky white glue so it held better.

Roll layers starting at the bottom to make recycled paper fringe trees with old cards and paper

Once I got to the top I added a small cone of paper for a tip.

fringe crepe paper for recycled paper fringe trees to make paper bottle brush trees

I did the same thing with crepe party paper. Make sure to wrap one layer at a time and not up the dowel in a spiral pattern to get distinctive “tree” layers.

wrap freinged crepe paper and glue for Recycled paper fringe trees

That had to be wrapped more carefully so it wouldn’t rip.

Use clay and a candle stick for a base for DiY fringe trees

I used various things for bases: paper clay in candle sticks ,and mini wooden pots, as well as a plain wood base with a hole drilled in the bottom.

Add moss and sparkly glitter to the base of the recycled paper fringe trees

Once they were dry, I added some fun moss and sparkly glitter to the base.

Make these fun recycled paper fringe trees with fringe scissors and dowels!

 Just fluff the paper a little and you have some fun little recycled paper fringe trees! I made one out of the front of a Christmas card, one out of the back (I used about 4 card pieces each), and besides the crepe paper tree,

Recycled paper fringe trees made with fringe scissors

I even tried one out of the cork printed ribbon.

Make these easy and fun crepe paper bottle brush fringe trees

The crepe paper one looks so sweet! White paper was what I had on hand, but these would be even more fun in bright colors! Like paper bottle brush trees!

cute recycled paper fringe trees

These are so easy, it’s almost addictive. I added  a cute wood bead as topper.

I love making an easy project with stuff I already have on hand like my recycled cardboard stars. And,I am in love with those scissors. I am already thinking about other projects I can use them on!

Have fun fringing!

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  1. Jennifer, I love these cute little trees, I have scheduled sharing these over on FB and on Twitter. I am pinning these to my Christmas Crafts board. These would be a perfect activity for older kids to make, too!

  2. How precious are these little trees?! I actually bought a pair of fringe scissors back in October while I was prepping for my daughters’ birthday party. I wound up not using them and just saw them again today in my craft supplies. Going to pin this so I can try to make some next year. Thanks for sharing!! — Amy

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