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Growing the organic garden

I had a friend ask me what some of my favorite things were to grow in my organic garden. We chatted at length and it was fun to talk about all of the things I have growing! I love the idea of having fresh veggies and going out and having the makings of dinner a few feet away from my back door!  I don’t use any pesticides and try to use companion planting whenever I can ( planting plants to benefit each other.) to control pests. After I talked with her, I thought it was perfect timing to round up some of my gardening posts  and a few fresh from the garden-based recipes!

Growing and oranic garden and recipes

If you are thinking about starting a garden, read this first timers garden post here.

Make a green bean teepee with bamboo and twine

One of the easiest, most pest resistant plants to grow is green beans.  In this post I share how you can make a green bean teepee.

Use bamboo poles for green bean and pean support

You can also use this for Peas and Cucumbers. And with all of those extra green beans and cucumbers, you can make yummy refrigerator pickles!
How to plant and harvest potatoes

My favorite veggie to grow are potatoes. There is nothing like a potato out of your own ground.

How to grow asparagus

If you have patience,asparagus are a wonderful spring veggie.

Great fried green tomatoes recipe

Tomatoes can be grown in the ground or in a planter, as long as they are kept well watered. I am a sucker for this fried green tomato recipe with all of my unripe ones.

Are you going to get a hard frost? You can also extend your  tomato season when it gets cold by doing this.

Strawberries from the garden

I had a nice sized strawberry bed in my yard. The trick to that is planting enough to share with the birds and ground squirrels. 🙂

HOw to make yummy nad easy strawberry syrup

But they make really yummy refrigerator jam and syrup!

Make an easy end of summer pasta salad from the end of the garden

And I love an easy garden pasta with simple ingredients! And this is always a great summer night recipe.

Homemeade blueberry and chia seed pie

 I have several blueberry and raspberry plants, and pie is one of my favorite desserts. I don’t normally get enough for a huge pie, but I do get enough to make a few baby ones.This blueberry chia uses healthy chia seeds as the thickener.

Home made pickled beets and onions

One of our favorite veggies is beets, and my family loves this beet and onion pickle.Just open your windows when you make it!

Really easy and yummy steak salad

We always eat them on one of our favorite dinners, Steak salad, with homemade ranch dressing.

I also love being able to pick herbs from my organic garden for our meals.

How to grow rosemay and make more plants

I grow Parsley, Garlic, Mint (2 kinds),

Pineapple mint

basil and Rosemary. It’s easy to grow your own Rosemary and Lavender.

And every year I try squash and pumpkins. I love squash!

Roasted butternut squash pasta

I make a mean roasted butternut squash pasta sauce,

Roasted pumpkin soup with sausage

and a super yummy pumpkin sour cream soup with sausage. In face, I am getting excited thinking about it.

That doesn’t always go so well. Like the year I planted 2 varieties too close together and got frankenpumpkins, and used them for display at the Nada Farm sale.

It’s fun to garden and see what kind of bounty you can get out of it. I would say it’s one of the most rewarding hobbies I’ve ever had. We are on 1/3 acre, and can get quite a bit of food. Imagine what I could so with an entire acre! 🙂

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