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A weekend at 3 French Hens….

It was so nice to be able to walk around a market for once! There were such cute things; I snapped a bunch of pictures for you, but I do want to warn you, this is a bit of  a photo bomb.:)  I also have some pictures of some of the stores to share with you too in another post! Downtown Morris, Il is such a cute little town!

I also want to thank Romantic Homes for featuring my Well-traveled aviary pillow! It was so exciting to see it mentioned in the August issue!!!  I know the shop is getting a bit slim, but I am already getting ready for my early fall collection this year…. And for everyone who has been asking about my hats this year, they will be back for winter! An color combo’s you are looking for or have a suggestion about? The crocheting will soon be commencing!
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  1. Good to see you Jen, Love all the pics. Just to show you how “crazy” I am, as I was looking through your pictures I was thinking darn I didn’t see that or man that’s cute and then I came to the one with the black board and paper wreath. I said “oooo that black board’s is so cute and then I remembered I bought it. It’s so dang cute!!!!


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