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Coastal decor bookends

 We don’t get much call for  a beachy vibe in the Chicago ‘burbs,but it’s kind of fun to finish up part of the summer with a little taste coastal decor/beach decor feel.Coastal decor bookends were needed!

by the sea Coastal inspired bookends

They were really easy, and I loved how they turned out

just by using 2 -5 inch tall  inexpensive plinth blocks (The kind you normally use at the base of trim .), and some metal L-brackets.

plinth blocks for book ends

First paint stripes on the flat part of the blocks to get that coastal decor/beachy feel. I used a dark blue, an aqua blue and a pretty gray.

painting striped on plinth blocks

Once they were dry, flip them over and paint the backs white to match the front.  Wait for everything to dry.

Easy coastal decor book ends made with plinth blocks

When everything was totally dry, mark where the L-brackets would go and attach them with screws.

Add L brackets for coastal decor

Once on my mantel, and I realized that I didn’t want to just use any,old ordinary books. After searching for nautical  book titles, I used Picmonkey to create lettering combinations. With pages from an old road atlas, I used the maps that had the most water showing to get that “traveled feel”. I transferred the lettering to the spines.  I love using old maps from old projects like this 10 minute DIY wall art.

Books covered in old maps and hand lettered with sea book titles

  The Old man and the Sea, Mutiny on the Bounty,The Sea Wolf, and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea are some great sea-worthy titles. I was going to use Moby Dick, but to be honest, even in scripty letters, it still didn’t look right.

Book ends wrapped in maps with handlettered titles with coastal inspired bookends

I styled them on the mantel with some blue vases I had on hand, and the one lone sea shell I could wrangle away from my kids. 🙂

Touches of coastal decor

It looks fresh inspired by the coastal decor bookends and blue.

Add a touch of coastal decor with coastal inspired bookends

What do you think about using coastal decor? Is it something you like to use in your own home or add touches of?

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  1. This are so cute! And easy! I love making things look summery, even in the city!

    Hope you and your family are having a good summer in spite of the heat and severe storms.


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