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25 non-traditional and creative vase ideas

Spring is almost here! That means sleepy little flowers are going to start poking up through the ground, and I can’t wait. I have 25 non-traditional and creative vase ideas to share with you today, so you can also get exctied about spring. I know many of you are a bit more southern than I am, so you can put those to good use today! Heck, I’ve already been splurging here are there on some grocery store bouquets to brighten things up!

 Some of these containers also have a food or drink use, so once you use them for flowers, don’t use them for food or drinks any more. Some flowers are toxic, even common ones and they can make you very sick. Even if you clean them, you never know. Once I used a container for a flower or plant, that’s all I ever use it for again.

Take an old banana hanger,lab flasks and a bit of gold paint to make a fun vase!


Use thrift store tea cups and mugs for an inexpensive vase idea.

Use vintage and thrift store tea cups to make a fun upcycled vase

Instead of throwing out broken, vintage jewelry, use it to decorate vintage vases and milk glass.

Use broekn vintage jewelry on old milk glass vases as a pretty upcycle idea

Milk glass on it’s own with flowers is pretty too.

USe vintage containers for flower display

To use vintage mason jars to hold flowers,

Ann from On Sutton Place has some great ideas!

Pretty yellow tulips in vintage blue mason jars

I love how blue mason jars look with flowers in them! And, instead of hunting for vintage ones, you can even buy them brand new now.

Pretty cottage ktichen with mason jars for flowers

Blue vintage mason jars with flowers

Zinnia's in blue canning jars

Pink hyacinths look pretty in vintage blue canning jars as vases

No mason jars? Use recycled jelly and pickle jars!

Use recycled jam and pickle jars as vases as a great recycle.

Do you need a pretty vase to give flowers as a gift in? Draw one on a paper lunch bag and put your flowers in a large,plastic cup inside!

No vase? use a paper lunch bag with one drawn on, and a recycled jat inside for your flowers!

Use a vintage and un-used cow creamer or gravy boat to hold a small bouquet of your favorite blossoms!cow creamer used as a vase

And don’t forget bowls and urns can be perfect places for larger flowers!

Like this vintage ironstone soup tureen with wild roses as a creative vase idea,

Vintage ceramic urn for flowers

this thrift store bowl for Peonies,

Use a thrift store bowl to hold peonies

Or a vintage ironstone pitcher.

Vintage ceramic pitcher with blooms

I love the way vintage silver and galvanized containers looks with bright white flowers.

Vintage silver with snowball viburnum

Fresh flowers in a glavanized container looks pretty as a creative vase idea

Mixed and matched vintage bottles are a great way to make vases of varying heights for all kinds of plants and flowers.Peonies on a faux mantelEven ferns.

Vintage mantel with Fern mixture for display

And tiny blossoms can go into itty-bitty glass bottles.

Pin cushion flowers in mini-glass bottles

If you have a canister missing a lid, keep it around for a few hydrangeas.

storage jar used as a vase for flowers

A painted CD crate with some glass jars or plastic cups inside is pretty way to show off some spring color.

Use a create with jars inside for flowers 25+ creative vase ideas

Hyacinths are one of the first, and prettiest Spring flowers, but those grocery store pots are pretty gross looking.

Fresh hyacinths in a basket

Group a few in a basket to hide the pots,

Hyacinth in a galvanized pot

Or add them to an inexpensive galvanized pot.

Tulips in a metal container

A vintage metal crate also looks pretty with flowers and vintage jars.

And City Farmhouse makes these amazing,personal birch bark vases.

Make DIY birch bark vases

If you have a plain glass jar, it can be wrapped in grape vine,Bird nest vase made from a grape vine wreath for a centerpiece ideato make a bird’s nest-inspired vase.

You can even dress up flower pots!

Town and Country Living shows how to  add a creative touch. They don’t have to be plain old terra cotta anymore!

Stamping on flower pots

And, by using multi-purpose paint, a flower pot can be transformed with a boho flair.

Make these easy paint dot flower pots for a touch of color

So are you ready for spring? Are you in an area that’s already turning green, and flowers are making an appearance? Are you ready to try some of these creative vase ideas?

I know I’m ready for spring!!!!

Did you want to know how you can have earlier blooms by forcing bulbs? Find out here.

25+ creative vase ideas! Use items like vintge iron stone, silver, or even recycled jars as a way to display your spring flowers and blooms



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