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The crafts of Christmas past…

I was going through some of my files and found some of my older holiday projects I thought you might like. I know a lot of bloggers in Blogger hide their navibar, but  personally, I like it. It’s so easy to go up to the top, type in “Christmas” and get all of the posts someone has done for the holiday. That’s why tags are so important and to be consistent with the ones you use. It’s makes it so much easier for reader’s to find your previous posts. I still find old posts that I go back and re-do the labels on. You’ll also have more related posts come up on your linkwithin if you have it at the end of each post. I know I love it when I can go to a favorite blog and get gobs of inspiration in one shot.
 Here are a few oldies but goodies I found on my own blog…

Try this on your own blog too. You’ll see then how easy (or not) it is for someone to find your old posts, then it’s easy to go back and add tags.
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  1. Always love your project, Jen. That wreath is awesome!

    Come take a look at my post today, I go to a place a few times a year I think you girls would like to visit next year. Its only an hour drive and a photographers DREAM!!! I know you love your garden, so thought you would especially like it. There are 2 posts, the one from yesterday shows the outside, today its the inside.


  2. Jen!! That white wreath is so FABULOUS in my home! I love love love LOVE it – It hung over my mantle all year. I freshened things up a bit and moved it to hang on a door…I’ll take a picture of it and post it soon. 😀

    LOVE it!! Makes me think of you everytime!


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